A couple more pictures of Vianney Halter's new "Classic Janvier"

Apr 16, 2007,08:30 AM

Hi all,
you already saw some pre Basel info here, of Vianney's new Janvier....
Here're the some  pictures of the real watch, hope they at least a little bit reflect the beauty of this piece....


The dial actually is more a proto, the "production" pieces will have a slightly less "whitish" colour, better suiting the warm white gold tone (this specific dial is rhodium plated nickel silver - production will be some precious metall, perhaps  also white gold).

The back f of the watch, the full year circle with the equation cam in the center .....

And an even closer look of the "machine".....

Best regards

Finally, here's some info from the press kit:

Equation of Time - Lunar Cycle

Real solar time and mean solar time coincide only four times per year, at approximately the 16th April, 14th June, 1st
September and 25th December. On these days the blued steel minute hand and the yellow gold hand will converge.
During a year, the real solar time is either behind or ahead the mean solar time due to the earth's axis being tilted at 23°27’ relative to its orbital plane around the sun and the elliptical rather than circular shape of its orbit.
The sun can be up to 16 minutes 21 seconds behind and 14 minutes 24 seconds ahead.
In the round case of the Classic, enlarged to 40 mm, Vianney Halter adds a yellow gold hand bearing the sun. Provided the blued steel hands of the watch are set on the local solar mean time i.e. the official time corrected according to the longitude deviation, one can intuitively read at a glance the real solar time by means of the hour blued steel hand and the gold sun hand.

The moon waxes and wanes within a cycle that lasts approx. 29 days and 12 hours. To display day after day the exact situation of the Moon, Halter implements a very  special double hand set. One hand showsthe current day of the cycle while bearing a white gold disk which represents the moon.

On a separate hand is a black disk which gradually covers and uncovers the white gold disk, thus displaying the  evolution of the phases of the moon in the sky. The mechanism turns very close to the actual moon cycle : there will be only a day behind after 2 years 7 months and 20 days of operation.

When he founded his manufacture in Sainte-Croix in 1994, Vianney Halter baptized it La Manufacture Janvier to pay
tribute to one of the most extraordinary watchmakers of all times : Antide Janvier (1751-1835). Antide Janvier was known as the “celestial clockmaker” because he excelled in creating timepieces representing the movements of the celestial bodies. Vianney Halter therefore presents the Classic Lune et Soleil (moon and sun), displaying in addition to the official time, the Equation of Time and the Lunar Cycle. A strictly limited series of 12 pieces will be crafted in platinum and numbered 01 P 801 to 12 P 812. This model will mark the end of the original Classic collection which has ceased after a total production of 250 pieces.

These representations of solar time and lunar cycle are inpired by a famous regulator clock that Antide Janvier designed and crafted in 1788 for France's King Louis XVI . This masterpiece is now housed in the Musée du Temps in Besançon (Eastern France). Today, the Manufacture Janvier gathers young talentful and passionate watchmakers representing 8 différent nationalities (Swiss, French, Portuguese, American, German, Danish, Italian and Japanese). They contribute to the manufacturing of exceptional timekeepers bearing Vianney Halter’s signature.
By engraving the famous name Janvier on this watch, Vianney Halter pays hommage to both his inspirator and his team.

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