A wonderful gift from Eric Giroud: sketches of the Opus 11

Mar 31, 2011,11:06 AM

I am very happy to present you this wonderful gift from Eric Giroud: as you know, Eric was involved in various projects for Harry Winston: he was the designer of the Tourbilon Glissière or of the Opus 9. These two watches had a common point to feature rectangular cases (horizontal or vertical).

But you can imagine that with his second Opus, Eric Giroud had the will to redefine something totally new, unusal... but inspired by the history of the Harry Winston timepieces.

Look at these sketches... don't you have the feeling to see a whirlwind at the beginiing? Then, the watch starts to become concrete, tangible... with a reference to the Excenter dials.

That's the main achievement of this design: the Opus 11 is innovative... but so Harry Winston at the same time !

I would like to thank a lot Eric Giroud who sent me these sketches... they are a great present  because you can discover the creative process which led to the design of Opus 11.


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re: wonderful gift

 By: DRMW : March 31st, 2011-12:19
Cool sketches, gives a nice perspective of what a designer has in mind when he/she is creating. -MW

Great to see the design process... [nt]

 By: jporos : April 1st, 2011-10:34
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