Caseback engraving differences ?

May 29, 2024,12:55 PM

Hello everyone,

Trust you are all having a great wednesday! I am currently taking an interest into this classical piece from VC's historical collection, ( please do correct me on this, but from what i have read someplaces write it as Historical, but is this from or related to the Historique collection that is on their current lineup? ) , this is the ref. 31045/000P-3 in platinum. If i am not mistaken it is a piece from sometimes in the year 2000?

Now, there isnt much information that I can gather thus far from the web, and i do hope that any of you purists here can help me out on gaining as much knowledge as possible with regards to this reference.

That being said, i manage to find several pieces being offered , although i have come across what seems to be two difference types of logo engravings on the caseback. On one example, the brand name " Vacheron Constantin" is written in a curve, with the Maltese cross in between the names and the word Geneve in a rather large cursive font, whilst on another example, the brand name is written in a straight line, with the Maltese cross above the name and the word Geneve beneath that, in a more straight font.

What is the cause of the difference found in these cases? Are they because it is the same model but from different batches? Or different production years? As mention before i have absolutely no idea about this model and reference so please do enlighten me.

Thank you so much guys, and as always I look forward to hearing as much information from all of you.

Have a great day ahead,

Blessings always


Logo in a curve

Straight line logo

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It may be

 By: Tick Talk : June 2nd, 2024-14:07
the serial number will differentiate between the two styles of caseback, one being earlier than the other. It does not appear to be related to the metal used. For the benefit of those whose curiosity you’ve aroused, you have a front view?

 By: BluNotte : June 11th, 2024-09:23
Yes, a friend of mine told me later that it seems to be due to the production years, with the curved writing being earlier (before the mid ~ late 1990s) and the straight line ones thereafter. And yes indeed, heres the front view of the piece my friend Bes...