5980 chrono while swimming

Mar 21, 2009,21:27 PM

Has anyone tried to use the 5980 chrono while swimming? I was thinking of using it while doing laps...


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I don't think...

 By: Rob : March 21st, 2009-22:25
the pushers within the 5980 have rubber gaskets that will prevent the water from seeping in when used underwater. Not having had the chance to check in the metal, is just my casual observation on the matter. Perhaps someone more learned can share. Would b... 

I have a doubt

 By: amanico : March 22nd, 2009-00:00
The Nautilus Chrono is 60 meters WR or 120? If 60, I wouldn't ... Best, Nicolas


 By: mr30 : March 22nd, 2009-04:32

+1 [nt]

 By: patrick_y : March 22nd, 2009-23:08

RE: RE: 5980 chrono while swimming

 By: o : March 23rd, 2009-05:24
Thanks for the replies everyone. Very informative. amanico, the WR is 120m. So what I'll do is take one for the team; when I return home from this trip I'll take the little one (5980) for a swim and see how he does. I'll let you know the results. O

Answering my own question phase 1

 By: o : April 24th, 2009-02:39
Just to update you guys on what has happened so far. I emailed Patek about a month ago asking them this question. I got no reply so far, so I decided to use the watch while swimming in the pool. As in the pictures below, I started the chrono underwater, w...  

NOW that is such a cool experiment!

 By: Jumpbee : May 1st, 2009-08:16
I was told never to press the buttons underwater, but it seems that your experiment proves otherwise!