US Price increase may 1st 2008

Apr 01, 2008,07:47 AM

I just saw the new US list 10-15% effective may 1st.....Better make decisions soon ..





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The Second Increase This Year!

 By: Le Chef : April 1st, 2008-09:52
I'm assuming this is all because the $ has become a 3rd World currency, correct?

Can't believe it

 By: scottw : April 1st, 2008-12:22
Must be due to the weak $$. I'm personally about to pull the plug on my order after waiting 4 months for a simple calatrava 6000g. I was willing to take it the first time, but if the watch does not show up before May 1 I think I'm done.


 By: Bruno.M1 : April 2nd, 2008-11:45
you can always buy one in Europe if you think it will be cheaper, which I doubt A LOT

it will be cheaper in real terms if

 By: Chromatic Fugue : April 2nd, 2008-12:23

increase in costs are not proportional to exchange rate

 By: docjohn : April 2nd, 2008-13:26
The increase in pateks list prices over the last 3 years have been significantly greater than the devaluation of the dollar. Obviously, the weak dollar does not help, but the dollar has slipped 20% in the last 5years (since jan 04), and the costs of patek...