Introducing Live From Rome: The Bulgari Octo Watch

Jul 13, 2012,08:32 AM

Here are the very first pictures of Bulgari's new Octo Watch. In light of Bulgari's Octo line releases so far, you might have been expecting another high complication watch with fine detailing. However, this one resembles the complete opposite - a pared down version of the Octo with only hours, minute, seconds and date functions. The new Octo sports a smaller thinner case at 41mm in size but still retains the same shape as the original.  The polished black lacquer dial has a much more simplified minimal look and as you may notice, no longer carries the Genta name. In this latest release from the Octo line Bulgari shows the strongest integration  between the two brand DNAs thus far.

The Octo is equipped with the BVL 193 Caliber and fitted with twin barrels, a 50 hour power reserve and sapphire caseback. It will be available in Stainless Steel ($8900CHF) and 18 carat Pink Gold ($26,000CHF). The pink gold version is quite a bit more expensive than the stainless. However after seeing the watch in person, it's obvious that the pink gold model will be in much higher demand. Delivery date is expected to be around September-October of this year.

What are your first impressions of the new Octo?

More details and a full report to follow very shortly.  

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Very nice move by Bulgari to make a smaller version 41mm Octo case

 By: AnthonyTsai : July 13th, 2012-08:56
This will bring more people to the Octo line and I hope we see exciting variants in the future. With the introduction of a smaller Octo case, does this mean there's a possibility of a smaller Endurer case? Guess we'll see! Cheers, Anthony

I wouldn't be surprised.

 By: pingtsai : July 14th, 2012-13:37
They are planning on growing and developing the whole Octo line. I think a white gold or stainless steel version with a dark blue dial would be nice.

No Octagons at the Hippodrome?

 By: MTF : July 13th, 2012-14:37
Thanks for the live posting. I've always been a little intimidated by the old Bulgari Gerald Genta Octo collection because the case was big. In my case (sic) it was huge. So, a slim-down, shaped case with a modest diameter can only win in mass appeal. The... 


 By: pingtsai : July 14th, 2012-13:41
I wasn't quite sure where we were. I just know the restaurant was called Bolognese. They ordered a "Spritzer" for me and being that it was quite warm outside, It didn't take me long to finish :)

If it was La Passeggiata time

 By: MTF : July 15th, 2012-22:07
If it was Dal Bolognese near the Spanish Steps and Piazza del Popolo, you were at a unusually rare find...a chic restaurant that tourists know but with food that actually lives up to the hype. Frequented by fashionistas, aspiring actors, gorgeous-licious ...  

Melvyn ...

 By: small-luxury-world : July 16th, 2012-05:36
it seems you have to be in Rome more than once :-) Oliver

i like it

 By: cuibono : July 13th, 2012-14:45
i can't wait to see one for real. i love the simplicity of it. white gold seems like a good future option to me. overall though, this is a very nice marriage of the bulgari genta dna. a successful hybrid. chris

I agree...

 By: pingtsai : July 14th, 2012-13:42
And you will find that it is even more attractive in person.


 By: pingtsai : July 14th, 2012-13:29
I heard another gentleman say that too during the event. I believe he said that the actual number was too close to the edge of the window.

That too.....

 By: JMan : July 14th, 2012-18:54
Generally, all design aspects seem geared towards bold except for the date. The watch old be better without the date in my view. J.

Overall I like this watch quite a lot...

 By: Ornatus-Mundi : July 15th, 2012-07:32
it could be a perfect complement to a high end watch collection for the 'italian moments' in life, i.e. moment where you just want to enjoy yourself without thinking about anything else. This could be a watch to go with it. I am writing this in conjunctiv... 

"for the 'italian moments' in life"

 By: small-luxury-world : July 16th, 2012-05:40
I agree 100% :-) Oliver


 By: wutang : July 15th, 2012-00:51
What happened to the bulgari of old.....with their cool bulgari bulgari collections Design wise they have just lost their way This watch is not my cup of tea. The shape... And the date is just too small

The BULGARI BVLGARI is alive and kicking...

 By: Ornatus-Mundi : July 15th, 2012-07:29
is was just updated during the Basel Fair: More here ! Cheers, Magnus ...  

Look closer ...

 By: small-luxury-world : July 16th, 2012-05:39
there is lots of Bulgari DNA shown in that watch and strong enough to stay against the "bold" Genta case. 12 and 6 on the dial ... Oliver

More thoughts about date display size

 By: MTF : July 15th, 2012-21:43
Felow Forumners, I see some comments about date display being TOO small? That set me thinking - why? Italian designers and particularly BVLGARI ones do not do things arbitarily. There must be a reason and I know that the prototype design meetings go on fo...  

You mentioned the designer ...

 By: small-luxury-world : July 16th, 2012-05:50
and I can assure you he is a man of great style ... ... which takes good care of details and not only when it comes to watches. One could say, he is a Purist by heart and not only by heart ... :-) By the way, the date looks "bigger" on the sketches ... Mo...  

Thanks Ping & Olvier for the update ...

 By: Kong : July 17th, 2012-01:48
+ 1 for date omission. Even though it looks better on the sketch, the date-window also looks bigger relatively, just like clearing the ball on the goal-line. Date is obsolete especially when hyperopia set in :-) The Octo shape like the ba gua is a powerfu...