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Thoughts on the Bulgari Daniel Roth Papillon

 By: pingtsai : March 31st, 2012-22:37
How do you take an existing concept, reinvent it, and incorporate it into a design that is new but not too new and then put your own signature stamp on it so that you can at least take a tiny bit of the credit and a great deal of the reward? It seems that...  

I am a big fan of the Daniel Roth case, but

 By: docsnov : April 1st, 2012-23:20
the two dials on the GMT and chronograph are not for me. Like you I do admire the technical sophistication of the watches, but there are other Daniel Roth watches I would rather have on my wrist. Thanks for the report, comments and pictures. Stewart

I really like this Bulgari Papillon Chronograph and fine it to be slightly more modern

 By: AnthonyTsai : April 2nd, 2012-14:44
designed that the Daniel Roth version of which I absolutely love and have expressed my love for this piece many times in the past when we had our Daniel Roth dinner event in NYC several years ago. It's really a watch to see in the flesh and try on the wri...  

Both gorgeous, but I prefer the DR version.

 By: MichaelC : April 5th, 2012-06:14
The white metal and dial with blue accents is my favorite combination, so it gets my vote.

You really have me thinking on the split level and colored dial.

 By: MichaelC : April 5th, 2012-06:20
At first I thought it is fine as is, and when I saw the photos did not think much about it. Now I think maybe the grey going all the way up might look better. Still, as you say, it is the technical prowess of this piece that makes it special. Very well ex...