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My Basel 2012 pics.

 By: VMM : March 20th, 2012-12:05
Some quick and dirty pics. We are always in a hurry at Basel, so no time for decent pics. Beautiful booth and show. [URL=¤t=Basel2012003-1.mp4] [/URL] Nice update for the Diag...  

Great Photos!

 By: pingtsai : March 22nd, 2012-21:57
Thank you so much for sharing your photos VMM! I remember the difficulty of taking pictures in the Bulgari hall and yours came out great! Was there one piece that jumped out more than the others to you? Did you have a favorite?

Great pictures

 By: Geo : March 30th, 2012-10:23
and I know how hard it is at fairs like Basel or Geneva. GEO