if that was meant for me...

Oct 20, 2019,07:45 AM

thanks! lol

just an extension of the instagram handle. Been lurking for a while now. smile

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Zeitwerk Date

 By: MTR : October 19th, 2019-05:21
The more I follow up with the Zeitwerk Date the more this watch starts to fascinate (haunt??) me. The longer PR (72 hours) is very practical for me since I like to change watches after one or two days. The solution for the date is very appealing and gives...  

If you got the wrist for it...

 By: recoveringwatchaholic : October 19th, 2019-06:24
It wears pretty much the same as the larger Zeitwerk models, which I prefer. Only handled the locked movement/dummy piece, but the functions seem to be pretty intuitive and easy to use. Solid choice for your first Lange. ...  

Thank you,

 By: MTR : October 19th, 2019-13:02
that is a very helpful answer. Are you tempted to pull the trigger? Cheers Thomas

Tempted for sure...

 By: recoveringwatchaholic : October 19th, 2019-17:54
...but I'll see if they introduce any new dial color options in the future. Anyway, letting the funds recover since my last Lange purchase first. Lol.

if that was meant for me...

 By: recoveringwatchaholic : October 20th, 2019-07:45
thanks! lol just an extension of the instagram handle. Been lurking for a while now.


 By: MTR : October 20th, 2019-04:15
Now I understand your name better! 😁 My name should be „Wantstoreducehiscolletionsignifiantlybuthasalreadyfivenewwatchesinfocuswhichhavetobesiftedoutorfunded“ 😬 Best Thomas


 By: recoveringwatchaholic : October 20th, 2019-07:51
we're getting there... with a few relapses along the way *facepalm*

Yes, less is more.

 By: MTR : October 19th, 2019-13:17
Most of the time. But above all stands for me: form follows function. And the Date has one huge advantage: the longer PR of 72 hours. 36 hours are too little for my daily needs. Amitiés Thomas

I've tried the Zeitwerk Date on many times.

 By: DarrenKats : October 19th, 2019-11:39
Was underwhelmed when it first came out but it's grown on me to the point where I am definitely considering it. It is noticeably larger than the original Zeitwerk but also noticeably thinner than the striking time. The new movement with the longer power r...  

Thanks a lot for your

 By: MTR : October 19th, 2019-13:34
comprehensive advice. I share your thoughts. For me personally the Zeitwerk Date is from an aesthetic and functional point of view the most interesting and appealing concept. Which version do you favour the most? Best Thomas

Which version do I favor?

 By: DarrenKats : October 19th, 2019-21:40
Really depends on what day you ask. I like them all and only know that I prefer them in white gold.


 By: MTR : October 20th, 2019-04:08
Interesting answer!! I prefer white metals, too. Best Thomas

I dont like the zeitwerk

 By: Reuven Malter : October 19th, 2019-13:24
Yet the new date makes it more balanced. I think that really is the best version.

For me the best version, too

 By: MTR : October 20th, 2019-04:17
Thanks for your reply.

love the zeitwerk...

 By: avseg : October 19th, 2019-15:08
Just note that IIRC the zeitwerk date is actually 44.2mm.

Yes, of course.

 By: MTR : October 20th, 2019-04:20
But even the 0,2mm more don’t bother me. 😊

you said 42...

 By: avseg : October 20th, 2019-15:51
It's 44.2mm vs the 42mm you said in your OP.

You are right.

 By: MTR : October 21st, 2019-15:45
Thank you for clarifying. Cheers Thomas

As a Striking Time Owner...

 By: IndieFan : October 19th, 2019-15:09
I've been able to handle the new Zeitwerk date and for me, I much prefer the Striking Time, which is fortunate, as that's what I already own If you need a date on your watch then the Zeitwerk Date is the watch you'd want, but if you like the idea of a chi... 

Dear IndieFan,

 By: MTR : October 20th, 2019-04:42
thank you very much for your comprehensive and interesting reply. The date is not so necessary for me. And I am not searching for a dress watch but for something „special“. Like you I prefer the Striking Time and the Date over the standard design. They ad... 

Thanks for sharing Thomas, but...

 By: IndieFan : October 20th, 2019-15:11
I personally don't like the hour button on this Zeitwerk.... a Zeitwerk is easy to adjust the time, so I much prefer not having a permanent button on the side of the watch to save 30 seconds of time. I LOVE the button on Lange perpetual calendars as it's ... 

Thank you, IndieFan,

 By: MTR : October 21st, 2019-16:24
you for sure made some points. In theory this might be a competition between “high romance” (Striking Time) and “romantic practicability” (modern movement with double PR in the case of the Date). Since both are romantic watches for me. But - as we all kno... 

Clearly I am more of a traditionalist when it comes to dial out.

 By: aperna : October 20th, 2019-05:08
However, this reference has been growing on me steadily. I’ve become enamored with its functionality and presence.

Tony, I definitely

 By: MTR : October 21st, 2019-15:44
have the same feelings here. Best Thomas

Since you wrote, "The date is not so necessary for me"...

 By: CR : October 20th, 2019-21:30
I'd seriously consider the Striking Time. I have tried the ZW Date and I really liked it. It's beautiful -- really well-executed. I don't own one of these, though. I do own a Striking Time, which is huge on my 6"/154mm wrist. However, that's okay. I still...  

Thank you, dear CR,

 By: MTR : October 22nd, 2019-07:23
for your comprehensive and detailed reply which shows your passion very clearly. Your vivid description of winding your Striking Time makes my mouth water... 😃 I know myself very well. When I come to a decision about a new watch I do this without fuss or ... 

Zeitwerk concept by itself is a remarkable choice...

 By: mahesh : October 22nd, 2019-13:08
I was truly impressed by the way the date functionality was added, didn’t disturb the design language of basic Zeitwerk. If you got a wrist for 44mm go for it. My personal choice would be the 42mm base version in black dial - lingering in my mind for a wh...  

Very nice piece.

 By: MTR : October 23rd, 2019-10:26
Had a look on it a few month ago. Tried it with a soft beige suede leather strap. What do you think of this combination? Cheers Thomas ...  

Looks good but the croc has great visual appeal to the watch - no ?

 By: mahesh : October 23rd, 2019-11:33
do you go for it ?? I’ve a weak knees for Zeitwerk...

Let's put it this way.:

 By: MTR : October 23rd, 2019-13:40
I tend to pull the trigger. But I am not sure which one. The 36 hours PR are a no-go for me. So for me the Date with its modernized mechanism is the best and most appealing solution. Or I wait until the movement of the basic version get‘s an improvement, ...