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Life with the Stowa Marine Original

 By: dxboon : August 18th, 2009-08:54
We don't often talk about Stowa here on the forum, but in my opinion their watches make wonderful everyday wear and serve as a solid gateway for those looking to ease into the world of mechanical watches without making a large monetary commitment. At leas...

For sure there is a Stowa in my future...

 By: AlbertaTime : September 18th, 2009-01:09
Certainly, the watches are impressive (especially at the prices) just as they are, but I admit that I am also very impressed with Jorge Schauer's business model and commitment to his customers. There's a phrase: "but the seller before you buy the watch" a...


 By: dxboon : September 19th, 2009-12:40
I really enjoy my Stowa, and would be pleased to welcome you to the club should you acquire one. I also admire Schauer's hands-on approach to his work and to his customers. Thanks for your note! Cheers, Daos