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A 12-month Review of Peter Speake-Marin's Piccadilly

 By: mkt33 : October 1st, 2007-09:11
A 12-month Review of Peter Speake-Marin's Piccadilly By Dr. Michael Ting © September 2007 Almost a nonexistent part of the horological landscape just a few years ago, the popularity of independent watchmakers is skyrocketing and so is the amount of money ...

My Piccadilly - Frosted #1

 By: noahgresh1 : January 22nd, 2011-03:16
I really enjoyed this write up ... recently purchased the #1 production of this Speake Marin from a US deal ... i agree with all in this post but have one issue with the watch ... The buckle is very uncomfortable ... I find the screws on the buckle dig in...


 By: Peter Speake-Marin : March 14th, 2011-09:46
Hi Noah, you have the first generation of buckle, they look cool but are not as you say comfortable, when you pass at Basel I will have another one waiting for you with out the screws.... Peter


 By: noahgresh1 : March 14th, 2011-09:59
Peter, Thanks in advance! ... Looking forward to seeing you on the 25th. N