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May 27, 2010,08:37 AM

as you may be aware of this, there is an important event happening in town Singapore - namely Patek Philippe's "The Values of A Family Watch Company" Grand Exhibition in Singapore ("the fantastic report by Kong can be clicked from this link here" ).

today is the first day of the exhibition, my son and i went to the exhibition and joined the guided tour. for sure you will be seeing all the classic and excellent timepieces there. to my surprised, i found there is one very nice and eye-catching watch in rectangular typical Reverso case displaying at one of display window. the dial is marked with "Patek Philippe & Co, Geneva", but the case shape and layout looks exactly the same as what we have been seeing from vintage or modern JLC Reversos. this piece is currently belonged to and housed in PP Museum. i attach two pics of this classic Reverso that extracted from "Kong's post" for you to see how beautiful of this Reverso piece is.

there is specifications of this watch and also some informative history about this Reverso in the exhibition Catalog (pp.74). i extracted the relevant text as below to share here, i am sure it is of your interest too:


27 The Reverso

Patek Philippe & Co, Geneva,

No. 822 399

Gentleman's wristwatch

Case No. 609 482, reference 106 Reverso, in yellow gold and grey gold, rectangular-shaped reversible; the case-back of this watch is engraved "Souvenir / de 20 ans de / collaboration /1913-1933 / tes amis / Charles et Jean." (Souvenir of 20 years of collaboration. 1913-1933, your friends, Charles and Jean)

Silvered metallic dial with black enam- elled numerals and indexes 9''' round movement with lever escapement Watch manufactured in 1932

Inv. P-575

Sold on December 23, 1933, to Stern Freres, Geneva, for the amount of 430.50 francs; offered by the brothers Jean Stern (b. 1883-1938) and Charles Stern (1883-1944), owners of Patek Philippe SA, and of Stern Freres, Geneva, dials manufactory, to an employee.


H. 36.5 mm. / W. 22.6 mm. / T. 7.8 mm.

The Patek Philippe Reverso

Between December 1931 and April 1932, eight cases were sold to Patek Philippe with the permission of Cesar de Trey, who had already registered the brand name Reverso, and Jacques-David LeCoultre, who was then one of the administrators of Patek Philippe. Thus, Patek Philippe commercialised eight Reverso watches with the reference number 106 under its own name; one if a ladies' model. The movements used were round calibres; the ebauches were by LeCoultre.

During this period, Cartier, Hamilton, Favre Leuba and Vacheron & Constantin also commercialised several Reverso watches.


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Thanks for this piece of History, Stefan.

 By: amanico : May 27th, 2010-13:33
Thank you a lot for reminding us the story behind the Reverso, and that some other brands than Lecoutre, Jaeger or Jaeger-LeCoultre released this model. I tried to find a picture of the black dialed Reverso from PP ( SUBLIME ), but I couldn't find it in m... 

Black vintage Reverso

 By: Marv : May 27th, 2010-14:40
Here is a beautiful reverso released by PP with black dial. The serial is 609481 (just one digit below the PP Museum reverso) and the case is also in white gold. credit : Antiquorum credit : Antiquorum And another gorgeous reverso with black dial was rece...  

If they are attractive, Marv?

 By: amanico : May 27th, 2010-21:50
Oooh YES! Thanks for having found the pics! Best, Nicolas

very rare and attractive black pearl....

 By: Stefan : May 28th, 2010-08:50
...many thanks, Marv for additional pics. they are so attractive indeed. have a question from AlexG's pic, there is a word "BIRKS" on the dial, what does that mean? please forgive if this a simple question! from my previous post, PP only sold 8 Reverso wa... 

Birks is a Canadian jewelry store...

 By: gatorcpa : May 28th, 2010-12:37
... that still exists today. In my part of the world, they are called Mayors, but still markets private label Birks watches. The Hamilton version of the Reverso was called the "Otis" and was sold in the USA from 1938-41. There is a US patent number on the...  

thanks so much, gatorcpa...

 By: Stefan : May 28th, 2010-21:49
... thanks for the explanation. now i understand what is "BIRKS", it likes those other jewelry companies, Cartier, Gubelin, Bucherer, Tiffany etc also to market some high-end watches but sourced from other big watchmaking companies. also thanks for the pi... 

Very attractive!

 By: blomman Mr Blue : May 30th, 2010-02:33
Thanks for sharing! Best Blomman

Nico, glad to hear you also like the info...

 By: Stefan : May 28th, 2010-08:38
... for myself, i have not heard of this history behind Reverso, i personally find it very interesting. i think everyone who loves Reverso, also like to understand more how and where is the origin of this Reverso. in any case, all these vintage watches ar... 

thanks, PinkPanther.

 By: Stefan : May 28th, 2010-21:50

Thanks Stefan

 By: damien : May 28th, 2010-18:30
Marv and gatorcpa too. Have not seen the hamilton before.

thanks, Damien.

 By: Stefan : May 28th, 2010-21:51

Thank you, Stefan and Kong!

 By: blomman Mr Blue : May 30th, 2010-02:30
Very interesting! The Reverso do have an extensive history! Best Blomman