Patek Philippe reference 3417

May 19, 2017,06:19 AM

So, as a final installment of my approach to the vintage Calatrava series, I look at the Reference 3417. The "Amagnetic"

The 3417 is not the only amagnetic reference from Patek Philippe, but it is one of the very few to have "Amagnetic" written on the dial. Further, it is the only reference to produce an amagnetic in steel.

Mstanga has already produced the authorative report on this watch. For me, here are some basic details.....

MOVEMENT: manual, cal. 27-AM400, stamped with the Geneva seal, 18 jewels.

DIAL: silvered matte, applied white gold baton and arabic numerals, subsidiary seconds.

CASE: stainless steel, elongated angular lugs, screw back, 35 mm. diam..SIGNED: case, dial, movement.

There are essentially four series of 3417s produced, with each series having its own peculiarities. My version would be deemed to be a Series 2 version, being manufactured in 1964.

Series 2 3417s were produced from 1963 to 1970, so mine would be a relatively early version. I have only watch from my birth year....the Polaris 65. In all the time that I have collected, I have only ever managed to catch one in my birth year. This 3417 is very close...August 1964.

The profile of the watch shows its lugs well. It is a feature that I find very attractive.

I think it is fair to say that any of my other vintage Calatravas would feel at home at a formal event. But that just isn't so for the 3417. It has an altogether different feel to it. For sure, it is not without some elegance, but it just doesn't feel like a formal dress watch at all. It feels like it is meant to be a working watch...a tool watch.

It gives great pleasure. Regrettably, of all my Calatravas, it is the one that has now moved very sharply in price. It is no longer what i would call a bargain. 34 have come to auction over the last decade. And at each auction it seems price grinds higher and higher. I have this small hope that Patek Philippe will one day make a modern tribute to this vintage steel wonder. That would be something special.

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Superb post for super watch:-)

 By: RG1 : May 19th, 2017-06:34
Enjoy it with good health. Have a great weekend...

Thanks Ronald [nt]

 By: Baron - Mr Red : May 19th, 2017-06:34

Just fantastic!

 By: dr.kol : May 19th, 2017-06:50
That's one of the watches I would really love to own. Lucky you... Best Kari

it never ends Kari.....

 By: Baron - Mr Red : May 19th, 2017-06:52
.....its like Hotel can never leave. With this one, I now search for a correct box.......

thank you [nt]

 By: Baron - Mr Red : May 19th, 2017-07:17

Great text & splendid watch !.. A true design classic, you can be proud of !

 By: hs111 : May 19th, 2017-07:19
.. Thx for sharing ! Cheers & HAGWE ! hs.

One of the very few Patek I want... I badly want. Class and macho at the same time.

 By: amanico : May 19th, 2017-08:24
Without mentioning the fact that it is an... amagnetic watch! My only regret: It is not a chronometer, but I can live with that. Best, Nicolas

Ah yes the elusive ( and becoming ever more so) amagnetic

 By: : May 19th, 2017-08:47
I remember the first time I ever saw one - in the wild - I wanted to make an offer to buy off his wrist Never did they were $5k then


 By: Baron - Mr Red : May 19th, 2017-08:48
.....i think we are both consumed by the amagnetic. And...whenever you meet a guy with one amagnetic, seems to turn out that they have more...LoL

Absolutely a grail watch to me..

 By: dylan61 : May 20th, 2017-16:54
Indeed pity that it has steadfastedly sailed out of reach in terms of price. In all likelihood it will have to remain a grail for me in the literal sense of the word.. Congratulations on owning a fine example yourself...

That's torture,Joe

 By: beejo : May 21st, 2017-16:29
But not the bad kind Best, Ahmed