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The simplest perpetuals on the market.

Especially if they have been sitting for a while. Now it is wrist time for the cousins.
By: JerryW

They're back!

After six weeks, I received my two UNs back from service today! They came in two very nice blue leather pouches - the nicest service pouches I have seen so far (not that it makes a practical difference whether the service pouch is made from leather or nyl
By: Marcus Hanke

Ulysse Nardin Freak and Venezia.

Among the very good souvenirs I have, this shot is on the top. Needless to say that Venezia is a magic place. Needless to say that the Freak is something really special in the watch universe. But living both is just unforgettable. Best, Nicolas
By: amanico

Has anyone put their Maxi Marine on leather?

Would love to see how this watch would look on a nice congac leather strap. Anyone here have any shots of this UN on another strap other than the oem rubber and titanium?
By: TortugaNick

Oh no...not a good advert...

I was transiting through Delhi airport last week. The UN clocks were everywhere on the walls but this one at the transfer desk area was not so good. Quartz clock of course but “out of order” and second hand moving backwards. Not the best image Dave
By: Dave G

Good evening UN aficionados

I usually hang on the GP & meandering forums here - and have spotted for sale a rather nice high beat UN from the 70's - is there anyone knowledgeable about vintage UN I can have a PM conversation with please & before I pull the trigger? Many than
By: nomadgiles

Ulysse Nardin The World Enamel PACIFIC - CLOISONNÉ

This watch was highlighted earlier by GLau. I am now the fortunate keeper. The pic of the dial is rather warm. But, I like it. Notes follow in the next post. Enjoy!
By: jim vancouver

Grand Prix D'Horlogerie de Genève ( GPHG ): Ulysse Nardin has been awarded in the Sport Watch Category with the Marine Regatta Chronograph.

Congratulations to them. A watch we discussed here: www.watchprosite.com Nicolas
By: amanico

Pre SIHH 2018: Ulysse Nardin Marine Torpilleur Military... X 2!

After a very short teasing, here are some excellent and exciting news. Ulysse Nardin is unveiling a watch 2 months before the SIHH 2018: The Marine Torpilleur Military. And not only one, but two versions. To be more precise, the case is the same, 44 mm, s
By: amanico

No date! The Torpilleur Military

Just scrolling through instagram and this popped up, nicely done.
By: ifraher