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Why are the RD branded watches so much less than retail on the second had market?

Is it simply because no one likes them? - looking around I believe they are the best buy on the second hand market.
By: Rhys Brown

Roger Dubuis x Lamborghini | Palm Springs, CA

Last week I had the privilege and the pleasure to attend an event hosted by Roger Dubuis (RD), together with Lamborghini and PuristsPro (with special thanks to one PuristS Prime!) I’ve not had close exposure to either brands, so it was definitely somethin
By: willski

RIP Mr. Dubuis. You are a true Master and genius. Thank you for all that you have brought to watch making and high horology.....

In the ‘golden age’ of Maison Roger Dubuis (10-12 years since its founding in 1995), every time I looked at its creations, I was mesmerized and enchanted by the boldness, larger than life sizes, the dials, the quality and the respect for tradition on thei
By: Scotty88

I went to the Lantern Festival at the Morikami museum Saturday

It was 90F, 90% humidity and light rain. I had several bottles of Orion lager from Osaka strictly to cool off ;-). Best, Martin
By: mpg13

I am speechless

The watch is huge and heavy, my wrist narrow and puny but I couldn’t care less. This is a true masterpiece. Even in this rubbish photo of mine one can see the intricacy of the knights, in amazing details. My thanks to the recently opened RD boutique at Ha
By: Poky

A small homage to Monsieur Dubuis

An anniversary gift to my wife. A less classic, but more playful RD. Eye catching, but in this small form, it looks classy and not ostentatious. Attention to detail and a feeling of excellent quality pervades this piece. The diamonds around the buckle are
By: vitalsigns

Since Nicolas posted his 5070G on the PP thread...

...and the activity here is rather low lately, I decided to post my RD Chrono monopoussoir in order to counterbalance the exposure of beautiful Lemania based chronographs.
By: radone

Farewell Monsieur Dubuis

You created a brand that shaped my early interest in the world of Haute Horlogerie. You developed so many amazing complications yet remaining true to the classical styling. You'll be dearly missed.
By: Jester

Just a picture to pay homage to Mr Roger Dubuis who passed away today

I have just learnt that Mr Dubuis passed away today. So this picture is dedicated to him: the 12 knights pay homage to his tremendous work in the watch industry. My deepest condolences to his family, close relatives and to the staff of the manufacture. Fx
By: foversta

A match made in heaven: Roger Dubuis forming partnership with Automobili Lamborghini and live shots of the Excalibur Aventador S

Roger Dubuis has been a symbol of cutting edge design, innovative use of material and ground breaking movement. Exclusive but not totally un-approachable. Similar can be said of the marque from Sant'Agata Bolognese. It was in the making for a while and I'
By: Jester