Thank you & Clarification

Nov 30, 2014,19:03 PM

Thank you for the advice and insights regarding the 5575.   I placed the order yesterday.  No clear insight on delivery but I have been guaranteed the watch.  I was told my AD will only get one and some ADs will get none. 

I do want to clarify..when I mentioned premium in my original post...I was speaking only of the premium Patek is asking for the 5575 vs the 5130.   My AD has never asked for a premium on the price. Sorry for the confusion. 

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Thoughts on the 175th anniversary pieces

 By: Da BaBa : November 27th, 2014-08:43
I have an opportunity to pick up a 5575G, Have a couple of other choices....but the World Timer is appealing to me. I am struggling a bit with the thought of paying a premium because it is an anniversary watch. I have not been collecting long and I am won... 

Great watch...but

 By: japojapo : November 27th, 2014-09:33
The watch is great but... due to the production numbers, in my opinion, the story of Patek is only in vintage watches (real state of art and rare watches)! You will own simply a great great watch!

Buy it because you like it, not because it is an anniversary watch.

 By: amanico : November 27th, 2014-10:23
And don't go for it if you have to pay a premium. At least I wouldn't do it. Now, if you really want to have it because you are madly in love with it... Then... Best, Nicolas

Awesome watches!

 By: jonrus : November 27th, 2014-20:17
I was also given a choice last week. I was only allowed to choose one. I chose the 5975G !!!! Simply ecstatic :) Awaiting delivery, since the certificate will arrive pre-printed with the name of the buyer from HSWA. Thanks Patek for such an awesome watch!... 

Limited edition watches are special and a must have for a serious watch lunatic

 By: COUNT DE MONET : November 28th, 2014-03:49
Go for what makes you feel most nervous to own, most appealing. All 175th anniversary watches are stunning and the choice to make between them is hard. Two details about the WT mp are not so nice: - use od two very slim sapphire discs for the moon phase s... 


 By: jonrus : November 28th, 2014-05:03
thank goodness my AD charged MSRP

which model

 By: watch-er : November 28th, 2014-15:36
The 5496P-001 does not have blue tint anywhere in the dial? Perhaps the newer one?

It is the 5496 P - 001 that showed a sky blue dial

 By: COUNT DE MONET : December 1st, 2014-06:08
I am familiar with Pateks and it was the 5494 P that I saw in the window. The explanation is: the AD deliberately or accidentally created the very, very light blue on the dial by positioning it under the halogen lights. I believe Patek has had this effect... 

Hi Da BaBa, I tried 5575 on today and...

 By: GLau : November 28th, 2014-05:50
it looked great overall especially with the curved side and no crown guard, thus making it very different than 5130 !! A bit difficult to read time because of the black background but a great complication with the large and realistic looking moon When you... 

I've been proposed as well but,

 By: EDJA : November 28th, 2014-14:28
Moscow time is wrong - and this reason stopped me... Sad, very sad. It's not Patek fault - it's russian stupid decision to change the winter time two years ago. Despite this - definitely great watch.

HI EDJA, it is a shame that the

 By: GLau : November 29th, 2014-07:20
time zone for Moscow is wrong, but… IMO, this watch is not about reading the right time!! Not for me anyway !! To me, 5575 is a piece of history with useful and innovative complications. Most collectors only have one or two chances within their lives to b... 

Gordon, that's true and it's unique opportunity to pick up the unique watch, but

 By: EDJA : November 29th, 2014-20:56
I personally think that once I am buying watch, I want to wear it on my wrist. Saying this I mean that watch is first of all the time instrument and not the jewellery. It looks great on the wrist, and to be honest it was very sad disappointment for me as ...  

Hi EDJ, I fully understand your point which is ...

 By: GLau : November 30th, 2014-10:20
...a personal choice, your decision. Although you had a "very sadly disappointment", at least the Patek sponsored concert in Singapore hopefully cheered you up a bit. Cheers, Gordon If this time zone problem happened to me for HK / China, I would pretend ... 

Buy It!

 By: ESF : November 28th, 2014-17:06
It's a beautiful and unique timepiece!

Buy it!

 By: jonrus : November 29th, 2014-02:46
After discussing with multiple AD's, the trend is basically a very limited allocation. Names are submitted to the distributor and certificates are preprinted with the name of the buyer prior to shipment. Therefore, chances of a second opportunity to be as... 

Hi jonrus, when you checked with multiple ADs, what did...

 By: GLau : November 29th, 2014-08:10
…they generally say about how many pieces they get each? These are US based ADs ? Thanks, Gordon


 By: jonrus : November 29th, 2014-08:20
The most prominent ones received one of each to allocate. I can assume that not every AD was given this opportunity.

Thanks jonrus for your feedback about allocations for ADs in the US. I think...

 By: GLau : November 29th, 2014-11:12
proportionately more goes to Salons and Maisions Understood that there are around 600 ADs, implying an average of 2 pieces of 5575 each. So I am surprised that the most prominent ones in the US only get one 5575 each. Heard that more might be allocated to... 


 By: jonrus : November 29th, 2014-14:43
Thanks Gordon . Based on your analysis, I can just imagine how difficult is it for the 5975 series allocation!

Thank you & Clarification

 By: Da BaBa : November 30th, 2014-19:03
Thank you for the advice and insights regarding the 5575. I placed the order yesterday. No clear insight on delivery but I have been guaranteed the watch. I was told my AD will only get one and some ADs will get none. I do want to clarify..when I mentione... 

You have done well Da BaBa !! Congrats on the 5575.

 By: GLau : December 1st, 2014-10:28
Happy to hear that the AD is not charging you a premium. The premium of the 5575 compared to 5130 is significant and can be "justified' because 1) it has the moon phase complication which is worth something, 2) it contains a new and attractive BIG moon, a...