BaselWorld 2014 - Beat Haldimann

 By: DonCorson : April 10th, 2014-02:49
BaselWorld 2014 - Beat Haldimann

Beat Haldimann showed his H1 flying central tourbillon and H11 central balance watches at BaselWorld this year.
The big novelty this year is the shape of the hands.  He has also has finally found sapphire crystals with an anti-reflection coating that is up to his standards, a big improvement.  
Beat has discovered vintage Haldimann pocket watches with beautiful heart-shaped hands and has decided to use them on his new watches.  Take a look.  Pictures of the original pocket watch are in the background.

And don't miss Valentin Blank's video of the H1 that he posted here

H1 - still, or now more than ever, the most beautiful tourbillon I know ...

 By: Marcus Hanke : April 10th, 2014-03:19

... but the sober H11 is very intriguing as well!


Yes, H1 is THE tourbillon.

 By: ling5hk : April 10th, 2014-03:33

Thank you Don. The H11 will do me very well......:) [nt]

 By: Sandgroper : April 10th, 2014-06:18
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Thanks Don, still dreaming of that H11. The hands are part of the philosophy of this speci

 By: cisco : April 10th, 2014-12:24
Thanks for sharing


the plain H11 appeals to me more probably putting me in the minority. (nt)

 By: Ronald Held : April 10th, 2014-14:34

I like the simplicity as well, Pure Elegance [nt]

 By: 4Js : April 11th, 2014-08:38
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I think I'm also more attracted by the H11, very nice style. [nt]

 By: Mark in Paris : April 11th, 2014-12:44
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So simple, so beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

 By: secretlife : April 11th, 2014-10:05

Love the new heart shaped hands on the Haldimann H1 flying tourbillon

 By: AnthonyTsai : April 11th, 2014-16:25

This is one watch that everyone should have IMO.  It's such a classic beauty!


What about the H3?

 By: Goldenlutin : April 12th, 2014-22:57
Thanks for the report Don!

Could you see the H3? I mean the one with the minute repeater. It is listed on BH web page but I never saw any picture of it.