Hello Ted

May 17, 2021,02:42 AM

Hi Ted,

Sorry this could be a little long-Currently I own 4 Hublot watches (Two Hublot King Power 4000 m in Titanium and Carbon Fibre with blue as well as two King Power 1000m Oceanographics in Titanium as well as one with Carbon Fibre-I guess I like this model line).  Anyway I can tell you that they are:

1) Big
2) Tough
3) Very well made
4) Not for those who like small timepieces
5) Bold and conspicuous

Over the years I've dropped them on concrete and hit them against door handles as well as walls and I can honestly say that they are very durable and really don't scratch easily at least my models anyway.  The watches are also great in terms of quality fit and finish and I haven't had any issues with them.  However they are rather heavy (not uncomfortable though) and large.  I have a very flat 7.33 inch wrist and the King Powers at 48mm are the largest that I can pull off.  One more thing to add in regard to the overall aesthetics is the magnificent lume especially the 4000m in Titanium.  According to JC Biver the lume has been applied to both the front and back and it really shines through.

In terms of customer service I would put it up against anyone (eg. Audemars Piguet, Breitling, Omega inter-alia).  After several months of ownership I noticed that there was a deep scratch on the black composite resin on my 4000m Titanium (I literally dropped it twice within a span of 10 seconds on a cement sidewalk - I know damn stupid and clumsy of me).  Since it was my first expensive watch I was quite distraught and contacted JC Biver directly and told him that I was a new owner and that this was my first foray into the brand.  I explained to him that I wasn't the typical rich collector (he actually knew this from a previous interaction) and had to save for a while in order to purchase the timepiece and if I could somehow get a small discount on the repair bill it would be most appreciated.  I emphasized that it was totally my fault and the fact that I had dropped it twice from several feet onto the concrete with only that one scratch was a testament to its quality and robustness.  I actually expected a lot more damage than that and apart from that blemish there was nothing else.  Long story short he told me 'no problem' and fixed it for me with no charge and sent it back to me by FEDEX within 3 weeks.  Even the shipping was free.  I can't say enough good things about Hublot's exceptional customer service and the way that I was personally treated.  

An aside - approximately 13 months before my very 1st Hublot purchase I had to siphon funds from my watch purchase account in order to financially help my aunt who was always good to me since I was a child  She had found out what I had done and feeling very bad about the situation (I had to delay purchase and save some more) she contacted Hublot upper management either JC or Ricardo-sorry I can't remember and asked if she could purchase just a Hublot travel case for me just to tide me over.  After explaining that she was experiencing some financial difficulty and that I had to postpone buying my 4000m by quite some time they actually sent 2 cases with their best wishes again by FEDEX at no cost.  Let's just say that from that point on I was an even bigger fan of the brand and their customer service.

Lastly I know of a true story of a groom who purchased two Hublot watches for himself and his wife specifically for their wedding.  I can't remember the finer details but I do recall there was some problem with his wife's watch/and or promised availability and let's just say it wasn't on her wrist during the wedding.  The gentleman in question was very upset and contacted JC Biver to let him know of how incredibly disappointed he was.  Now here's the incredible part-feeling very bad about the situation on what was supposed to be an auspicious day, Mr. Biver personally purchased a Hublot watch of the bride's choosing and gave it to her as both a present and atonement for the major screwup-again free of charge with 0 cost to the couple.  I can think of no other company that comes remotely close to this level of customer service.  Hope this helps.



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Hublot owners, please let me know

 By: Ted O : May 15th, 2021-16:11
Asking Hublot owners to share some positive or negative personal experiences with the brand, for those who are thinking about purchasing. Real experiences please, not random opinions on the brand. Thanks!

Hello Ted

 By: sschew : May 17th, 2021-02:42
Hi Ted, Sorry this could be a little long-Currently I own 4 Hublot watches (Two Hublot King Power 4000 m in Titanium and Carbon Fibre with blue as well as two King Power 1000m Oceanographics in Titanium as well as one with Carbon Fibre-I guess I like this... 

I'll reply as a former owner

 By: MichaelC : May 17th, 2021-11:53
I do not currently have one in my collection, but perhaps will add one back. I have owned a handful over my 20+ years of collecting, and passed them on for various reasons. I would say the quality was fine. Nothing wrong to report. I never had a customer ... 

I had a warranty claim.

 By: sludgeriff : September 18th, 2021-00:21
A great evening Ted!! I bought a Meca 10 Black Magic from the Hublot boutique on 5th Avenue in 2019. After 18 months the watch quit on me for no reason. I made a warranty claim and it was handled in the best possible way. After 6 weeks the watch was retur...