SOLD: Laine Laine 1817 (Torsti Laine)

Mar 28, 2021,03:30 AM

Brand: Laine - (more)


Model: Laine 1817 (Torsti Laine)

Condition: VG

Location: Australia Australia 

Status: SOLD

Listed: Mar 28, 2021, 10:30 AM

Asking Price: USD 4,000 

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The Laine 1817 is the first watch that Torsti Laine made that really helped propel his name in the Independents scene (it's the second watch after his debut chronograph).

The one I have is in red gold plating (the movement plates), and has both a frosted back plate, and a floral engraved barrel bridge. The screws are all black polished, polished sinks, and the balance bridge is brushed with anglage. The 1817 was limited to 10 pieces per colour (so there are only 10 red gold movements).

The model Torsti released after that is the Gelidus which has frosted finishing in the manner of the Gronefelds', and that comes at a lower price point to the 1817 and is now retailing for 6900 CHF. The Guilloche Gelidus is now retailing for 8800 CHF and these are unlimited models. The 1817 would be priced somewhere between the 2 today, in the 7k-8k range.

The watch is 41mm, and quite dressy, as it has a black dial. I've made a small customisation with Torsti to remove some elements on Torsti's original design to make it cleaner, and resembles a vintage pocket watch dial.

Torsti has now become very popular and there's a waiting list to get one of his watches, due to his reasonable pricing for a watch that has an amazing level of finishing.

On the dial side, the photo you see with little speckles on the right hand side, those are actually the texture of the dial (which is like a fine frosted finish) reflecting the light. There are no flaws on the dial. There are minimal superficial hairlines on the case due to wearing it, and there are no dents and dings on the case at all. The watch keep perfect timing and have no faults at all.

This is a rare chance to purchase a Laine watch without going on a waiting list and at a cheaper than retail price.


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