The Easter Watch

Mar 28, 2024,18:45 PM

Wearing the Lange 1 (191.028) and I am again amazed by the both poetic and no-nonsense beauty of this watch. And it goes well with yellow too. 


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Lange 1 is so versatile and classy

 By: 1WatchMan : March 28th, 2024-21:07
And I see you dressed it down slightly this a sportier brown strap... looks cool! Happy Easter!

Yes! Trying to make it less formal.

 By: cfn : March 29th, 2024-07:29
But it’s a fine balance. You could say that the very nice Lange-straps are an integral part of the package. On the other hand, I am probably overthinkimg it. Haha.

I'm sometimes tempted to change the strap of mine, as I prefer softer ones, I'm not a fan of rigid straps in general

 By: 1WatchMan : March 29th, 2024-08:03
Maybe that's why I'm always inclined to metal bracelets with a lot of moving parts.

Striking choice!

 By: Aquaracer1 : March 28th, 2024-21:12

I have the same Delugs strap!

 By: justcruisin : March 29th, 2024-14:25
I have the same Delugs strap on my 192.032 (RG Lange1 MP). Meant to dress it down, but with the addition of a more casual dress watch about two years ago, left it on my original dark brown alligator. The original strap really makes the watch “pop” a lot m... 

I totally agree. Fell in love the first time I saw it.

 By: cfn : March 30th, 2024-19:40
Luckily the owner later sold it to me.