Apr 05, 2010,05:57 AM

I bought a vintage style day - date Patek Phillipe REF 39701W in Bangkok on the street! The watch looked nice, so I took it for fun with the idea to give it to a friend as a souvenir from Thailand. I soon found out that the watch was only 2-3 sec fast per day. I found it strange that a street watch is well within  COSC specifications so I actually started wearing it and stopped winding it manually. To my amazement the watch became almost as accurate as a quartz watch. Deviation+-1 sec, depending on how much I wear it. If I walk a whole day then it will be +3 secs . Last 5 days I was checking it daily and it didn’t miss a second.

Since I don’t suppose that somebody stole a new original Patek Phillipe just to sell it on the street in Bangkok,  I hope there are people on this forum that can explain how a fake watch can do this.

As per forum rules we don't accept pictures of fake watches!

Regarding your question such level of accuracy can be easily accessed with modern production techniques (ie industrial).

Cheers. Dje 

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