How often do you see two gold Aquanauts together?

Mar 21, 2008,01:18 AM

Last evening I was invited out to dinner by a group of Patek collectors and two of them (who asked to remain anonymous) were wearing two YG Aquanauts of different sizes. Not wanting to let the opportunity go without photographing them together, I asked and they kindly agreed to let me shoot them. You can see from the images that these are serious users of Pateks who wear them proudly and not have them stored in some dry box or bank vault. Despite the scratches, these clearly are handsome timepieces.

Now - what surprised me while I was processing these images was - that both watches were adjusted to the second in sync!  I have not seen this happen before by two different owners. I am not sure if it says well of the precision and accuracy of the watch or the attention to the precise time by the owners! Probably both! smile

For those who are curious - I shot these completely in the private room of the restaurant without a light box or other aids apart from my camera, lens and strobe. I placed the watches on the restaurant napkin. smile






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Great shots Harry...

 By: Rob : March 21st, 2008-01:36
thanks for sharing one of my favorite variants of the famed Aquanauts. Don't you just love how the YG case, so much at home in tandem with the rubber strap, is magnified by the somber black dial? IMHO, the original ultimate in sporty luxury, classy, flash... 

Great post.

 By: Krieng : March 24th, 2008-20:35

How about two steel Aquanauts together??

 By: pa2222 : March 29th, 2008-05:07
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 By: Horolographer : March 31st, 2008-02:59