Do You Have A GMT +- Big Date?

Feb 24, 2004,04:04 AM

How do you like it?

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I have one in stainless stel Michael. It's easy to use and really

 By: Ed Tonkin : February 24th, 2004-06:18
very functional. I love the style of it. It was one of my first UN's. I really like the gold one with the black dial and brown croco strap; very elegant! Regards, Eddy

So sorry . . . I meant "steel!" nt.

 By: Ed Tonkin : February 24th, 2004-06:18

Very nice ... but I have a problem (more)

 By: MK0206 : February 26th, 2004-12:12
It is a very practical watch and as others have said, very easy to adjust between time zones. The polished bracelet is however prone to scratching. Mine is the white face with blued hands. I really dig the contrast of the hands with the dial. The power re... 

Sorry to hear about the power reserve >

 By: Jeff Hart : February 26th, 2004-05:05
I've been thinking about adding the GMT +/- BD. I have not had the opportunity to see the white dial in person. Is your's the one with the Romans and are the markers blued like the hands? Thanks, Jeff

Yup, that's the one

 By: MK0206 : February 26th, 2004-07:19
I do have a picture but I don't know how to post it here so if you want, I can email it to you. It is not the best pic though as the blued hands and markers are quite hard to capture. Collin


 By: Jeff Hart : February 27th, 2004-04:04
Thanks for the info, I think I need to try and track one of these down and see it in person. Maybe this weekend. Cheers, Jeff

GMT+/- Big Date

 By: Scott S : February 29th, 2004-05:17