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bvlgari watch fake or genuine ?

 By: bald_wolf999 : February 28th, 2012-03:08
hello *************This forum is not the place to ask about Fake products ************************* ******* Moderator Team ********************** im asking wether this watch I have is fake or original, any help is appreciated. Thanks

Bad start as a first post!

 By: small-luxury-world : February 28th, 2012-03:19
No introduction of your person and then you show us a bad fake. Who do you think that we are? Sorry! Oliver


 By: bald_wolf999 : February 28th, 2012-09:16
, so sorry man, Im Ahmed from Egypt, working as a pharmacist so the watch is fake huh? u pretty sure of this ? anyway thanks alot for the reply Have a good day

Ahmed, welcome at the PuristS!

 By: small-luxury-world : February 28th, 2012-10:44
Your reply is much appreciated. Cheers, Oliver

Hello bald-wolf...

 By: pingtsai : February 28th, 2012-09:47
and welcome to PuristSPro and the Bulgari forum. Thank you for visiting us and posting your question. Although from the pictures that you have provided, the watch looks to be a replica unfortunately, PuristSPro does not authenticate watches. Thank you aga... 

Does not look genuine

 By: ntki72 : March 5th, 2012-12:50
Sorry but this watch does not look genuine, This collection, Bulgari Bulgari, does not have a separate bezel. The case is one piece with a screw on caseback.