50th Anniversary of El Primero approaching in 2019

Jan 06, 2019,00:45 AM

What’s in the closet ? My little bird tells me that Zenith are launching a commemorative box set of 4 slots which will have 3 slots for limited edition regular Chronograph, one for 1/10th secs chrono and one for 1/100th Chronograph. The fourth slot will be empty and very soon zenith will offer 1/1000th Chronograph and only box owners will be entitled to purchase that piece ..the Apx price of the box will be Apx €52,000 and that will only have 3 steel timepieces ...

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I took this photo about a year ago...

 By: iadxb : January 6th, 2019-06:26
...someone from Zenith has probably been thinking in the same direction Looking forward to see what they'll come up with next. 1/1000th of a second movement is already available at LVMH vaults (Tag Hear Mikrotimer if I am not mistaken), hope Zenith will i...  

A perfect reissue would be nice

 By: ifraher : January 6th, 2019-07:53
proportionally identical, and the same price as in 1969