WS for the 4th of January - New Horizons - begins now

Jan 03, 2019,07:16 AM

As announced yesterday, the topic of the first WS of the year will be New Horizons. You are free to interpret what this means for you but could be a new life phase, horological new year’s resolutions, new incomings, new collecting topics, or if none of these, what you cherish most and want to continue using, irrespective of horizons. Just post a watch that fits this topic for you!

For me it’s quite literally different ‘horizons’, as we just moved to another country yesterday (here:  for details). There are watches incoming, with to me both new brands and complications but I will need to wait about two weeks to get them. 

So here’s two shots from me, both of the P15, both in the new environment. 

The first one is from October, when we took a first glimpse of where we were about to move - the weather was unseasonably nice. The background might be easy to recognise 😉

The second one is from today. Allowing children free carousel rides is certainly a way for a new city to instantly rank highly amongst my children - and I guess they’re not unique in this respect 😉

So looking forward to your entries and wishing you all a great first weekend of 2019 and fantastic horizons ahead!

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Hmm, New Horizons? Does that mean "change"?

 By: crown comfort : January 3rd, 2019-08:02
So maybe I could try something orange. Or maybe an Omega. Or perhaps another Rolex? A Patek, hmmm... Or even going Indie ??? Actually, I don't like change, I think I will stick to vintage and modern GPs... Cheers, CC PS: thanks to the non-GP owners for le...  

As said, for some...

 By: KMII : January 3rd, 2019-08:20
The new horizons will be the old ones - if one is comfortable with the existing change is not strictly necessary, even if sometimes interesting in its own right 😊 Thanks for showing such a wide range of options, CC. The Doxa and the KVs I’d change into st... 

As is your endless GP collection...

 By: KMII : January 4th, 2019-10:01
A real treasure that one 👍🏻

I find Doxa to be such a cool brand...

 By: KMII : January 5th, 2019-07:49
I hope it’s on my 2019 horizon 😉

you like to play Roulette? [nt]

 By: crown comfort : January 4th, 2019-05:20

Great horizons! :) [nt]

 By: blomman Mr Blue : January 4th, 2019-02:23

Always love to see your GP‘s my friend, old or new.

 By: nitediver : January 4th, 2019-04:45
However The other watches in your post were not to bad neither.... Best wishes for a great 2019! Stefan

Many thanks, Stefan.

 By: crown comfort : January 4th, 2019-05:21
also the best wishes back to you, my friend. CC

Last year we saw....

 By: blomman Mr Blue : January 3rd, 2019-08:55
Me and my family saw a new horizon! One we very much hope to see again one day! Best wishes on your new adventure! Best Blomman ...  

OH yes!!!

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : January 3rd, 2019-08:57
Mutual feelings my friend! Cheers D

:) [nt]

 By: blomman Mr Blue : January 4th, 2019-02:24

Thanks Blomman!

 By: KMII : January 3rd, 2019-09:03
That horizon looks fairly familiar, I guess - a very nice one, too As for the new adventure, I guess some good wishes I can definitely use, so thanks for those, too!

Yes, very, very nice! :) [nt]

 By: blomman Mr Blue : January 4th, 2019-02:24

Cool Sea Hawk! [nt]

 By: amanico : January 3rd, 2019-15:45

Thanks! [nt]

 By: blomman Mr Blue : January 4th, 2019-02:25

Perfect environment for that Sea Hawk.

 By: nitediver : January 4th, 2019-04:47
The place looks really peaceful BTW Best Stefan

Indeed, my friend! :) [nt]

 By: blomman Mr Blue : January 4th, 2019-15:06

Thank you, dear Abel! [nt]

 By: blomman Mr Blue : January 4th, 2019-15:06

I am in love!

 By: desertimer : January 3rd, 2019-09:46

Lovely shot, Desertimer!

 By: KMII : January 3rd, 2019-11:42
A new addition, theme ...?

Yes, Just arrived!

 By: desertimer : January 3rd, 2019-23:29
I found it few weeks ago, need some care, still working on it. But full set and the YG is so nice. I was a bit skeptic but i am in love now!

Certainly a lovely piece!

 By: KMII : January 3rd, 2019-23:33
And finding a full set is always a bonus. Looking forward to reading your impressions after you’ve had it for a while 👍🏻

YG is back I'm telling ya.!!

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : January 4th, 2019-02:14
Superb catch! Congrats D

Certainly seems that way!

 By: KMII : January 4th, 2019-10:03
Or maybe we’re just slowly entering the age cohort, where YG is the thing to wear 😉👍🏻

It certainly doesn’t lack charm...

 By: KMII : January 3rd, 2019-23:34
Not my metal either but find myself drawn to YG watches more and more. Maybe it is getting old 😂

Most certainly not 😊

 By: KMII : January 4th, 2019-00:17
Nothing to worry about on that front 👍🏻

Not old; but grown up. [nt]

 By: Arie - Mr Orange : January 6th, 2019-06:04

😊👍🏻 [nt]

 By: KMII : January 6th, 2019-06:08


 By: blomman Mr Blue : January 4th, 2019-02:25
YG is the new black! Best Blomman

Space the ultimate horizon ?...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : January 3rd, 2019-13:06

Wow, what's that one? [nt]

 By: amanico : January 3rd, 2019-15:46

VC&A Moon Watch [nt]

 By: Cpt Scarlet : January 4th, 2019-01:52

Oh, most certainly, Cpt Scarlet!

 By: KMII : January 3rd, 2019-19:32
Now for the ultimate question, what’s the piece you have posted - never seen it before 👌🏻🤷🏻‍♂️

Need to check them out, then 👍🏻

 By: KMII : January 4th, 2019-03:44
Thanks for clarifying 🙏🏻

Thank you Abel..

 By: Cpt Scarlet : January 4th, 2019-11:25
As soon as I finish polishing I will post some more !

+1 [nt]

 By: Subexplorer : January 5th, 2019-12:53

Great!! [nt]

 By: Subexplorer : January 5th, 2019-17:59

New Horizons = Newest Watch and 1st Purchase of 2019

 By: reintitan - Mr. Roboto : January 3rd, 2019-13:16
Ordered on January 2, 2019 and delivered on January 3rd, 2019! 😮👍🥳🎊 The unboxing... MASSIVE box with no shipping label, name or details (never seen this before). Delivered by FEDEX. I’d like to “blame” 😜 Ahoi, Abel and the other enablers on this forum for...  

Congrats, my friend! [nt]

 By: amanico : January 3rd, 2019-15:47

Thank you :-) [nt]

 By: reintitan - Mr. Roboto : January 3rd, 2019-15:56

Fantastic start, Reintitan!

 By: KMII : January 3rd, 2019-19:35
And boxes within boxes... as you said, enablers aka Vlads can be very dangerous to one’s wallet but very helpful for one’s collection 😉 If I recall correctly you have more incoming by this weekend? If so, feel free to share!

Hopefully later this month, but we'll see.

 By: reintitan - Mr. Roboto : January 4th, 2019-01:07
I still have 2 from last year pending delivery with no finalized schedule.

So in eager anticipation...

 By: KMII : January 4th, 2019-01:24
Similar here, one underway (albeit to the old country) and two on the cusp of getting. Can hardly wait...


 By: blomman Mr Blue : January 4th, 2019-02:27
Yes, Ahoi and Able are dangerous guys! Best Blomman

Dangerous, or very helpful 😉

 By: KMII : January 4th, 2019-03:45
Depending on definition 😁

It’s all a matter of perspective 😉

 By: KMII : January 4th, 2019-10:06
I guess the Vlads are helpful for us while our significant others are occasionally less welcoming of the help 😂

Big truth!! Lol! [nt]

 By: Subexplorer : January 4th, 2019-10:14

Oh well...

 By: KMII : January 4th, 2019-10:20
At least adds some spice to the relationships 😂

Lol!! Sure!! [nt]

 By: Subexplorer : January 5th, 2019-12:54

Wow, the unboxing was a real experience...

 By: nitediver : January 4th, 2019-04:51
Which required patience I guess, but that’s a good virtue for us collectors Enjoy and share more pictures Stefan

Thanks Stefan

 By: reintitan - Mr. Roboto : January 4th, 2019-10:30
Some pictures got posted in the wrong order/duplicated but I tried ;-) More pics forthcoming...

Nice unboxing!

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : January 4th, 2019-04:58
Congrats! Cheers D

Thank you Mr. Green! [nt]

 By: reintitan - Mr. Roboto : January 4th, 2019-10:30

Thank your Abel for helping to push me over the edge :-)

 By: reintitan - Mr. Roboto : January 4th, 2019-10:32
I really thought I was done with Panerai, but your photos of the 721 kept putting it in my mind until resistance was futile

Thank you for your kind words my friend Reintitan!! I´m happy to serve as inspiration to a new Pam for you. We passionate watch lovers can´t never say: I´m done! Lol!

 By: Subexplorer : January 4th, 2019-11:20
This is a very interesting model and I´m sure that you will be enjoying and loving so much. Chers and Hagwe! Abel

Superb Panerai !...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : January 4th, 2019-15:02
Congratulations, enjoy !

Thanks Cpt! [nt]

 By: reintitan - Mr. Roboto : January 4th, 2019-16:21

Happy to contribute to your first WS from Moscow!

 By: DruidPadj : January 3rd, 2019-13:32
New directions. Enjoy your new digs, K. Happy New Year. ...  

Thanks Padj!

 By: KMII : January 3rd, 2019-19:41
The digs are interesting 😉 Lots more space, which we all enjoy and a slightly different taste in furniture, which makes it ‘new’. Getting settled in, although the process will really finish when our things arrive 👍🏻 Now to the watches - the UJ and Vicente... 

Nothing much to tell.

 By: DruidPadj : January 4th, 2019-05:45
I saw them; they were very inexpensive; and they both had original boxes, one with the warranty booklet. Kind of cool. The round case piece is Swiss; I'm not sure about the shaped watch. I think it could have been assembled here in the States, using Swiss... 

A proud tradition, semi-local assembly to forego high import duties...

 By: KMII : January 4th, 2019-10:08
Even Philippe Dufour headed one such operation in the Caribbean earlier in his career 😉

Jules Jürgensen was bought by two American companies in a row, during the 20th Century.

 By: DruidPadj : January 4th, 2019-12:46
At first the watches continued to be made in Switzerland at the same manufactory. At some point that ended and JJ started buying parts from various suppliers and assembling them, first in Switzerland and then in the United States. They finally went out of... 

Could be a fun entry level line, like a SUF to Sarpaneva 👍🏻

 By: KMII : January 4th, 2019-22:27
Thanks for the history, Padj, much appreciated!

The Black UJ!!! Wow! [nt]

 By: amanico : January 4th, 2019-00:34

Thanks, Nico.

 By: DruidPadj : January 4th, 2019-05:46
I had it specially made-WG with these lugs only comes with a blue dial.

You got that right! [nt]

 By: DruidPadj : January 4th, 2019-12:38

Your UJ looks great..

 By: Cpt Scarlet : January 4th, 2019-04:15
Happy New Year to you !

Thank you 👍 [nt]

 By: Cpt Scarlet : January 4th, 2019-07:00

Would like to know more and see some close ups of white dialed vintages

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : January 4th, 2019-04:59
Cheers D P.S. Are you turning vintage on me!!?

I turned vintage a long time ago.;-)

 By: DruidPadj : January 4th, 2019-05:50
As for collecting-no, not really. As I stated above, I just saw these at the same time and they looked like they'd be fun. You are the King of Vintage. I wouldn't dare attempt to dethrone you!

Gracias, Abel!

 By: DruidPadj : January 5th, 2019-05:47
And to you, amigo!

It truly is top-notch.

 By: DruidPadj : January 5th, 2019-05:47
Thanks for looking.

I don't think so.

 By: DruidPadj : January 5th, 2019-10:22
UJS owns rose engines, and do their own guilloche work. You know this is where KV honed his skills.

I do...

 By: KMII : January 5th, 2019-11:03
Yet from what I remember, his Comblemine operation supplies UJ with dials, too (amongst other, similarly reputable brands)...

I will look into this. [nt]

 By: DruidPadj : January 6th, 2019-05:41

👍🏻 [nt]

 By: KMII : January 6th, 2019-05:54

Thanks so much, Nico...

 By: KMII : January 3rd, 2019-19:42
For the kind wishes! If you ever feel like sampling them, let me know 👍🏻

;) [nt]

 By: amanico : January 4th, 2019-00:32

New horizons, horologically and geographically.

 By: amanico : January 3rd, 2019-14:25
Certainly these two: ...  

Great shots!

 By: DruidPadj : January 3rd, 2019-14:35
I love the Cocoa Puffs background.

Merci, Mon ami. [nt]

 By: amanico : January 3rd, 2019-15:43

Two fantastic watches, four great shots!

 By: KMII : January 3rd, 2019-19:48
The first geography I do not recognise, the second you have made famous in the meantime 👍🏻 I guess the Air King is your first non-(semi)sports Rolex and the P15 the only Zenith so far? 😊

Thanks for lifting the mystery 👍🏻

 By: KMII : January 4th, 2019-00:43
Once seems not to have been enough in terms of my Valencia visits 😉

Some excellent photos..

 By: Cpt Scarlet : January 4th, 2019-04:16
I particularly like the last one ☝️

Merci, Cpt. Me too! [nt]

 By: amanico : January 4th, 2019-10:57

Enjoy Paris tonight :-o [nt]

 By: Cpt Scarlet : January 4th, 2019-11:26

The shot with the Airking on the Leica is pure class

 By: nitediver : January 4th, 2019-04:53
All the best for 2019 my friend Stefan

Thank you, Stefan. [nt]

 By: amanico : January 4th, 2019-10:57

Gracias, Amigo Abel. [nt]

 By: amanico : January 4th, 2019-13:07

New horizon!?

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : January 4th, 2019-02:17
Maybe watch that stopped craving? Maybe I should chop it? All the best on the East Cheers D ...  

Stopped craving?!

 By: blomman Mr Blue : January 4th, 2019-02:28
Na, only changed it! Best Blomman

Wise words of wise man! [nt]

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : January 4th, 2019-02:28

One does stop at some point...

 By: KMII : January 4th, 2019-03:47
For some this only happens six feet under 😉

That certainly has changed your horizons, D 😊

 By: KMII : January 4th, 2019-03:47
Never seen you as enthusiastic about a watch before and so consistently 👍🏻 Cool shot, too!

Last year was breaking point year

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : January 4th, 2019-03:55
Cheers D

It's written in the stars [nt]

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : January 4th, 2019-10:45

Look for constellations of crown [nt]

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : January 6th, 2019-06:00

Crown and buckle ;) [nt]

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : January 6th, 2019-06:11

Is that stone? Be careful! :) [nt]

 By: crown comfort : January 4th, 2019-05:24

Stone called crazy ;) [nt]

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : January 4th, 2019-06:45

True love never fades

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : January 4th, 2019-16:16
Cheers dear Abel D

is that the carousel in Gorky Park?

 By: donizetti : January 4th, 2019-03:06
In any case, best of luck in Moscow for you and your family! I mainly expect blood, sweat and tears for the new year so let me just post a new acquisition: Best, Andreas ...  

No, New Arbat...

 By: KMII : January 4th, 2019-03:56
Haven’t quite made it so far - will take some more days. It’s exactly in the middle between home and office and I can hardly wait to go explore. Sadly postponed by at least a day as wife unwell. Hope the blood sweat and tears don’t all come to pass and th... 

Sublime! [nt]

 By: amanico : January 4th, 2019-10:58

Must be a painful time...

 By: blomman Mr Blue : January 4th, 2019-15:08
Waiting! But the reward is sweet! Best Blomman

TheLongWait 😩

 By: Watchonthewrist : January 5th, 2019-00:51
But like you said Once you've straped it on the wrist , you ve forgotten all about it🤗

These are some truly exciting prospects, Watchonthewrist!

 By: KMII : January 4th, 2019-22:32
And I believe there’s something other fun and independent on the cards for you, too? 😉👍🏻

Yes thats correct, i even got two more great watches incoming 😉

 By: Watchonthewrist : January 5th, 2019-00:54
One Fun ( you know which one )and a other grail watch 🤗. Will tell you more a about the other grail soon 😉

Then it looks like 2019 will be truly spectacular!

 By: KMII : January 5th, 2019-07:52
Looking forward to finding out what your grail is 👌🏻

Thanks my friend . A year is a long time but i am looking to the horizon 😉

 By: Watchonthewrist : January 5th, 2019-00:55
Its getting closer 🙏🏻🤗

I know it is 🤗

 By: Watchonthewrist : January 5th, 2019-06:32
Just the long wait 😩.

😁 cant help it my friend 😉 [nt]

 By: Watchonthewrist : January 5th, 2019-08:14

Not that you need to help it...

 By: KMII : January 5th, 2019-11:06
Salmon dials are sublime!

The Salmon !!!! [nt]

 By: Cpt Scarlet : January 5th, 2019-15:23

New Year, New Home, New Job! A challenging but great start of the year for you and your Family my dear friend KM!! ...

 By: Subexplorer : January 4th, 2019-06:20
... and a great Theme for our First WS of the year which you open with our beloved Zenith Chrono!! You surely provoque me to think in something related with New Horizons and try to find something in my HD around this theme. Will return later with a few sh... 

Looking forward to what new horizons you are heading towards, Abel!

 By: KMII : January 4th, 2019-10:14
And you’re right, quite a lot on our plates now 😊

Thanks a lot again, Abel!

 By: KMII : January 4th, 2019-10:23
As every challenge, the accomplishment is all the greater, the tougher the challenge 😊

I suppose you’re right...

 By: KMII : January 4th, 2019-10:16
My travel schedule will be sorted next week but it’s one or two trips to Siberia by March for sure ❄️❄️❄️ Great shots and I vaguely remember your report of the trip. Seems your Speedy handled it without breaking a sweat 👍🏻

Siberia is nothing.

 By: zabreg1 Mr White : January 4th, 2019-13:02
There are much worse places...

Looking forward to finding out...

 By: KMII : January 4th, 2019-22:32
I guess that might change 😂

No. Tartar also...

 By: zabreg1 Mr White : January 5th, 2019-12:25
Unless you like raw fish.

Raw fish is certainly fine, too...

 By: KMII : January 5th, 2019-20:55
Isn’t there some semi-frozen Siberian variety of sushi?

-60 OK? [nt]

 By: zabreg1 Mr White : January 4th, 2019-13:04

🥶 i still pref something like this my friend

 By: Watchonthewrist : January 4th, 2019-12:09

So do I, my friend.

 By: zabreg1 Mr White : January 4th, 2019-13:04
But, this has to be seen. Nature at t's rawest.

Even for you?

 By: KMII : January 4th, 2019-22:35
I thought this was called Wednesday? 😉

HAHAHA, cheeky! :D [nt]

 By: crown comfort : January 4th, 2019-23:59

Frostbite 🥶 [nt]

 By: Cpt Scarlet : January 5th, 2019-15:24

A colleague here told me...

 By: KMII : January 5th, 2019-20:57
People from Siberia are not better at dealing with the cold - they just know to dress appropriately 😂

Wise words [nt]

 By: Cpt Scarlet : January 6th, 2019-02:05

Wishing you and family all the best in the relocation :)

 By: S F : January 4th, 2019-08:05
Nothing much will change for me in 2019. Vintage GMTM and perhaps some interesting distractions along the way Cheers! SF ...  

Thanks a lot for the kind wishes S F!

 By: KMII : January 4th, 2019-10:19
And what a fantastic horizon you seem to have ahead - even if no significant changes are ahead. Spectacular shot 👌🏻

Thank you KMII! [nt]

 By: S F : January 4th, 2019-23:12

Fortunately I am only the host...

 By: KMII : January 4th, 2019-23:39
Not the judge this week 😁

sounds like an excellent plan ;-)

 By: nitediver : January 4th, 2019-12:18
I like the concept: stay focused, but allow for a few distractions... Best, Stefan

Cool 😎 [nt]

 By: Cpt Scarlet : January 5th, 2019-15:25

🙏🏻😉 [nt]

 By: S F : January 6th, 2019-01:58

My pleasure ! [nt]

 By: Cpt Scarlet : January 6th, 2019-02:00

Dear friend KM: I’m fond of looking at horizons at the sea ...

 By: Subexplorer : January 4th, 2019-10:55
... or in the air. Horizons fuel my imagination. Horizons make me dream of places I discovered and fell in love and of people I’ve met and of far exotic places I’d love to visit some day. A nice watch is always with me when viewing Horizons! Good luck wit...  

Great 16600 Abel

 By: reintitan - Mr. Roboto : January 4th, 2019-16:19
We have the same dial (small "f"). Mine is a Y-serial (last one with lug holes on the case).

Thank you my friend Reintitan!! Glad to know we share a similar SD. Mine is from the Z series. Actually it was the last brand new in stock in my Country AD´s as the reference had been replaced by the then new ...

 By: Subexplorer : January 5th, 2019-12:37
... ceramic version when I decided to buy a 16600. I was fortunate to catch this one thanks to my contacts here. A great timepiece for sure! Abel

Thank you so much for your kind wishes, Abel...

 By: KMII : January 4th, 2019-22:45
And your horizon shots - simply out of this world 👌🏻 Especially love the seaside ones!

One can see that, Abel!

 By: KMII : January 5th, 2019-20:59
I would love it if our next home is closer to the sea 🤞🏻 Love it yet spent far too little time at / next to the sea over the last years. Got to change that.

Fantastic horizon shots, Abel! [nt]

 By: crown comfort : January 4th, 2019-23:58

Fabulous photos Abel 👍 [nt]

 By: Cpt Scarlet : January 5th, 2019-15:26

They look as though you are truly enjoying life ..

 By: Cpt Scarlet : January 6th, 2019-02:15
Great way to go 👍


 By: KMII : January 4th, 2019-22:48
These are a great demonstration that quartz doesn’t need to mean cheap. The zaratsu polishing, the atom clock like accuracy, the much stronger motor to move the typical GS hands... 👌🏻

the Grand Seikos make simplicity look easy...

 By: NT931 : January 5th, 2019-04:02
... when it is actually not easy. I love the GS aesthetic, congrats on the new purchase!

change of horizon

 By: nitediver : January 4th, 2019-12:12
New horizons....means something has to stay behind in order to make place for something new, right? I had to say goodbye to a few pieces last year...all of them nice, but then sometimes you need a change. GP with fancy dial and lugs from the 1950's Minerv...  

Quite a rotoation!

 By: blomman Mr Blue : January 4th, 2019-15:14
But great outcome! Best Blomman

This is an interesting take on the subject, Stefan!

 By: KMII : January 4th, 2019-22:52
Doing it your way certainly has one re-examine the collection critically on a regular basis. And your additions of 2018 are all superb, and very diverse at the same time. Looking forward to seeing where your journey goes in 2019 👍🏻

Not really modernized. Rather let some pieces go that i didn't really waer often , regarless if new or old.

 By: nitediver : January 6th, 2019-01:25
The Vintage 1945 with blue dial for example is a super nice piece, but for whatever reasons which I also do not understand, it was hardly on my wrist. The Sinn 103 ST C was a very recent addition, and it is nice, but it clearly has not the same perceived ... 

New horizon ?

 By: Ludi : January 4th, 2019-14:31
... maybe will I buy my first modern watch in 2019 ? Meanwhile ...  

Thanks :) [nt]

 By: Ludi : January 4th, 2019-14:39

Thank you :) [nt]

 By: Ludi : January 5th, 2019-05:09

What a composition - and what a Zodiac!

 By: KMII : January 4th, 2019-22:55
Any ideas what modern watch you would consider? Or waiting for SIHH and Basel?

No idea to be honest ...

 By: Ludi : January 5th, 2019-05:09
... I guess I’m tritium addicted only

That may be difficult in a new watch...

 By: KMII : January 5th, 2019-07:57
Colored superluminova being a not quite equivalent alternative...

Great Zodiac ! [nt]

 By: Cpt Scarlet : January 5th, 2019-15:29

If it means new destinations

 By: brauner : January 5th, 2019-02:24
here are some ...  

If I recall correctly...

 By: KMII : January 5th, 2019-07:58
This Cuervo y Sobrinos has been a winner before and you’re a master of exciting destinations 👌🏻👍🏻

Which is the primary appeal of world timers, I guess...

 By: KMII : January 6th, 2019-05:58
The travel with the finger on the map 🗺

So so unusual!

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : January 5th, 2019-15:12
well done


 By: brauner : January 6th, 2019-02:16
One more pic ...  

With this snow in the background...

 By: KMII : January 6th, 2019-05:59
You really need to take it traveling 👍🏻

Well, I am just snowed in in Bavaria near Austria

 By: brauner : January 6th, 2019-10:48
Not sure to come home tomorrow

Enforced extension to holidays...

 By: KMII : January 6th, 2019-20:59
Sounds like fun! I hope the lodge is warm and that there’s food and drink aplenty 👍🏻

Right, but... [nt]

 By: brauner : January 6th, 2019-08:42

Going Dutch

 By: NT931 : January 5th, 2019-03:49
Towards the end of 2018, I took a fairly big step into indie horology, and acquired this 1941 Remontoire. I guess it was a new horizon for me - I had never bought a Dutch watch before, and while I had dipped my toes into indies with a Habring Erwin and a ...  

Beautiful watch.

 By: DruidPadj : January 5th, 2019-05:57
Congratulations for nailing this one.

A fantastic choice and congratulations on reaching for these new horizons, NT931!

 By: KMII : January 5th, 2019-08:00
A superb choice! Seen one in Switzerland last year and have been immensely impressed. Maybe these are horizons I should head towards at some point, too...


 By: Watchonthewrist : January 5th, 2019-14:36
HUGE Congrats with your amazing piece of dutchpride 👌🏻😘. Cant wait to get mine 1941 . I didnt opt for a KV dail because i allready own a Salmon guilloche dail . But i have to admit yours looks gorgeous 🤤

Just the normal Salmon dail my friend

 By: Watchonthewrist : January 6th, 2019-00:52

Nothing much to say except BRAVO!

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : January 5th, 2019-15:12
Great watch from great men! Cheers D

+1000! [nt]

 By: KMII : January 5th, 2019-21:01

Superb ! [nt]

 By: Cpt Scarlet : January 5th, 2019-15:30

Thanks Padj, KMII, MrGreen, Capt Scarlet and Watchonthewrist

 By: NT931 : January 6th, 2019-04:22
Normal or guilloche dial for the Remontoire , both are beautiful in their own way, and besides, there's always the bewitching backside to drool over!

Sometimes going Dutch isn’t a bad thing at all!

 By: Arie - Mr Orange : January 6th, 2019-06:03

I concur!! ;-)

 By: NT931 : January 6th, 2019-16:55

New year,new horizons?

 By: halkcb : January 5th, 2019-03:51
...well ,as i hope to do more travelling this year, these will most likely be on my wrists more than others Great theme HAGWE henry ...  

Three rather different...

 By: KMII : January 5th, 2019-08:04
Yet very apropos new horizons pieces, Halkcb! And I at least have never seen the Ebel world timer before 👌🏻

You got three fantastic watches to have on the wrist when exploring new horizons! Each different, each with its own charm. The Explorer and GS GMT I also own them and ...

 By: Subexplorer : January 5th, 2019-12:47
... I well know how beautiful and great watches are. The Ebel World Timer is a beautiful watch I´d love to own in my collection. It has one of my favorite complications. You can´t go wrong with any of them! Hagwe my friend! Abel

Thanks---love your sea dweller.

 By: halkcb : January 5th, 2019-19:23
Unfortunately,i'm not into diving,just the occasional snorkelling. best henry

My pleasure Henry!! Thank you for your kind comments! Glad you like the SD!! I used to scuba dive in the past, and enjoyed it so much for many decades...

 By: Subexplorer : January 6th, 2019-05:29
... but I should confess that I have been just an armchair diver in the last years! Anyway I keep enjoying my diving watches so much!! Lol! Hagwe my friend! Abel

My recent new horizon . . .

 By: Dr No : January 5th, 2019-13:54
. . . entailed acquisition of an up-to-date smart phone for the first time ever. "Finally," said I to myself, "I'll be able to take photos with the phone and post them instantaneously." Well, that requires setting up WPS on the phone first, which I haven'...  

Welcome to 2019 Art ...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : January 5th, 2019-15:31
It’s not all it’s cracked up to be

I'm an analog guy . . .

 By: Dr No : January 5th, 2019-15:39
. . . stuck in a digital world ;-) . . .

You and me ...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : January 6th, 2019-01:58
No vinyl, no life ! ...  

Now that’s something I see for the first time, Cpt Scarlet!

 By: KMII : January 6th, 2019-06:01
A vinyl player in a car - wicked!

While I don't have the Kuzma Air-Line . . .

 By: Dr No : January 6th, 2019-09:00
. . . there is a Merrill Heirloom table fitted with an Eminent Technology air-bearing arm in storage. One of these days, I'm going to put a system back together. The sticking point is that my tastes in audio tend to be on the costly side. ;-)

Now while I can generally operate an iPhone...

 By: KMII : January 6th, 2019-09:12
Now you’re talking alien technology, Art 😉

Good quality Hifi costs in the short term but ...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : January 6th, 2019-14:49
ends up being great value in the long term. Was that convincing ?

I was in the trade decades ago . . .

 By: Dr No : January 6th, 2019-17:19
. . . and thoroughly spoiled by some of the finest equipment ever made. Frankly, given a choice between an Omega central and a first-rate analog rig, I'd pop for the stereo. Partial to Merrill tables, air-bearing arms, Berning amps, Convergent pre-, and (... 

All I can say...

 By: KMII : January 6th, 2019-21:03
For someone without the knowledge it all sounds very convincing, Art! If you ever manage all that I’d love to come listen 👍🏻

I see our capacities for Vlading...

 By: KMII : January 6th, 2019-21:01
Extend beyond watches 😉

Very, very cool, Art!

 By: KMII : January 5th, 2019-21:05
Setting it all up might take a day or two but having WPS at your fingertips in any queue you spend time in (and in traffic jams) is certainly worth the effort! Looking forward to seeing more phone shots and have a great ana-digi Sunday!

Great my dear friend Art!! Welcome to the Hi Tech World!! I went through the same road not long ago! Not easy for me either! And I must confess that...

 By: Subexplorer : January 6th, 2019-05:34
... I feel a lot of my journey is still pending in this World!! These are New Horizons worth exploring... though a real challenge for guys like me! Your picture is a winner: it beautifully shows how to answer the challenges offered by the New Horizons and... 

To an extent it’s a journey we all have to embark on on a semi permanent basis...

 By: KMII : January 6th, 2019-06:03
But if we do it keeps us fresh, I guess 😊

I have to wait until one of my nephews . . .

 By: Dr No : January 6th, 2019-09:04
. . . makes the necessary adjustments for me, Abel - when it comes to technical matters, I'm totally clueless! Hope all's well, Art

Guessing you didn't get an iPhone.

 By: Arie - Mr Orange : January 6th, 2019-06:01
Otherwise you would be kicking it already and with easy. Yes there is a plus side for using the ‘devils’ products 😜

One thing I never got...

 By: KMII : January 6th, 2019-06:06
Is how their phones are relatively usable, while their laptops - from my perspective at least - are not. Had two and returned to PCs both times, thoroughly disappointed. And that’s saying something for someone who’s never been a fan of MS.

It is an iPhone 8. You underestimate . . .

 By: Dr No : January 6th, 2019-08:57
. . . the depth of my technical ignorance.

You will succeed, Art!

 By: KMII : January 6th, 2019-09:11
We believe in you 👍🏻

Double medial bracelets and a good book plus titanium on the wrist

 By: Tegis : January 6th, 2019-06:08
Year could have starter better. ...  

Hope the new horizons are bright...

 By: KMII : January 6th, 2019-06:11
And that a speedy recovery is in sight! Titanium and a good book certainly sounds like a plan 👍🏻