WS for Friday 28th: Big or Small. Does Size really matter? Open Now!

May 28, 2021,12:32 PM

Hello dear friends!

As announced last Wednesday the Theme asks our participants to share their feelings and preferences about case sizes.

In the 1940’s, 1950’s and 1960’s men’s watches were generally offered with cases ranging around 34 to 36 mm maximum.

I can well remember the faces of my work companions and their jokes in September 1966 when I arrived to the office one morning proudly wearing for first time my 40 mm 5513 Submariner which my parents had presented me for my 18th birthday.

They had never seen such a big and thick watch, much less with that “funny” rotating bezel which every one wanted to know how it was used for.

Things changed a lot during following decades and as clothing and customs changed the trend for all Watch Brands was to keep offering larger and larger cases which made the 40 mm case of my Sub look small.

Brands like Panerai or IWC have big cases of 47 or 45 mm as part of their DNA but most traditional brands presently offer cases ranging from 42 through 45 mm.

I personally feel comfortable with watches in the 40 mm to 42 mm range (except for Panerai which I love to wear in spite their 47mm size) but I also enjoy wearing vintage watches like my old Omegas or Bubblebacks which sport cases of 34 to 36 mm.

I cordially invite participants to share shots of they bigger and smallest watches and briefly explain their preferences about case sizes.

As usual you may submit photographs for our traditional three Categories:

Best Wrist Shot

Best Static Shot

Best Watch of the Week

You may begin posting in this same thread right now!



Extremes: The little 33 mm steel case of this charming Ariston chronograph from the 1940’s is dwarfed by the traditional 47 mm case of the Luminor Panerai Marina Militare. I enjoy wearing both in spite of differences in size and purpose of these watches.

More shots to be posted later.

More posts: LuminorMarina Militare

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Big but beautiful ! ...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : May 28th, 2021-13:13
Hello dear Abel ! Loving the theme for Wristscan this weekend. Let’s start with a big one ;-)) ... ...  

Thank you so much dear Captain! Glad you like the Theme and thank you for sharing your Big one from your collection. This is a wonderful pilot´s watch and its big size is both part...

 By: Subexplorer : May 28th, 2021-13:49
... of the DNA of this type as well as giving it that strong character to this awesome piece. I look forward to view some additional shots of Big and Small from your fine collection! Have a nice week end my dear friend. Abel

Thank you Abel ...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : May 28th, 2021-14:21
In the words of Douglas MacArthur, “I shall return !”

Ha ha ha!! Of course!!

 By: Subexplorer : May 28th, 2021-16:43

Now a few shots of some of my favorite Big and Small watches...

 By: Subexplorer : May 28th, 2021-13:45
... I feel that Size really matters as it adds to the charm or interesting character of a watch. Some vintage watches like Rolex Bubblebacks look so charming due to its size among other characteristics. Panerai and Pilot watches have such a strong charact...  

My dear Abel, Even though I do not routinely participate in wrist scan I always look forward to your contribution.

 By: aperna : May 30th, 2021-00:02
You have a marvelous and world-class collection my dear friend. It never ceases to amaze me. Que le vaya bien amigo. Tony

Hello my dear Tony!! You are always so kind

 By: Subexplorer : May 30th, 2021-01:32
... and generous with your comments to me! Appreciate so much! It is my big pleasure to share my watches here and I’m happy to know you like them so much. I wish we will be able to meet some day soon my friend! Un abrazo muy fuerte y cuídate mucho mi amig... 

Hey, dear Abel !.. You did it again : what a nice line-up of Biggies and smalls !.. You‘ve successfully inundated us with attractive shots and tic-tacs !

 By: hs111 : May 30th, 2021-10:19
Among your whole series, (with some good acquaintances) my personal favs are - the Radiomir with the waterdrops on the dial - great shot ! - the other Radiomir shot (don‘t know the exact Ref.), in yellow/ orange with the „Fuse“) type pic on the mirror typ... 

Hello my dear friend HS! Ha ha ha!! You say well my dear HS: as customary I tend to inundate my fellow members with the flow of shots and tic tacs! Ha ha ha!

 By: Subexplorer : May 30th, 2021-14:01
The Radiomir shot: it is reference 687 with a degradee brown dial, it looks almost yellow in the center under some sunlight angles. The mirror surface was the roof of a dark color car in a parking lot! Lol! I tried to capture the reflex of some palm trees... 

Even if I repeat myself.. Thx so much for your kind & interesting comments to your watches and type of photography !.. it is interesting to share conceptual thinking regarding watches !

 By: hs111 : May 30th, 2021-16:29
I‘m always curious, when I open your posts, what will I be happy to see each time ! Have a great upcoming week, yourself ! Cheers !!

I thank you again for your always so kind comments and compliments to me and my collection my dear friend. It is a big compliment what you tell me and I appreciate that so much.

 By: Subexplorer : May 30th, 2021-16:49
It is true, I also open your posts like meeting a good old friend and wishing to see what nice surprises you bring with shots and tic tacs. I´m happy to find your entries and I wish some day we will have the pleasure of a real meeting and chatting in pers... 

Superb selection as always, Abel!

 By: KMII : May 30th, 2021-11:50
Especially the contrast shots are great! Wasn’t aware that you had such an extensive Bubbleback collection, though 👏🏻👍🏻

Thank you so much for your kind coments dear KM! I´m happy to know you liked these shots. I started my collecting journey with old and less known brands of chronographs and Bubblebacks...

 By: Subexplorer : May 30th, 2021-13:49
... and considering my love for the Rolex brand these little watches fascinated me. I feel they are a jewel which still don´t receive the attention they deserve among Rolex collectors. Have a nice Sunday my dear friend! Abel

Not forgetting ...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : May 28th, 2021-14:25
How the size of collars and ties have changed. Health Warning: Smoking can seriously damage your sense of dress. ...  

Big shirt collar and a Rolex ...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : May 28th, 2021-21:39
That’s Bert with Best Wrist Shot ! .. ...  


 By: KMII : May 30th, 2021-11:51
Good one 👏🏻

“Wears more like a 40mm, should fit just fine”

 By: mhz vph : May 28th, 2021-16:58
In all seriousness though, I tend to prefer watches in the 34-38mm range. More of an issue of comfort than style for me. ...  

This Seiko Lord Marvel 5740-8000

 By: mhz vph : May 28th, 2021-19:14
Is a good example. 35mm if I remember correctly. I haven’t shown it on the forums because it is almost definitely a redial, and because I cracked the hardlex (and have yet to get it replaced), so it isn’t exactly the nicest piece. Still, it is the first w...  

Hello again mhz! Beautiful watch with a very vintage size at 35mm which I feel adds to the charming looks of your "Lord Marvel" High Beat. Hopefully you can get an original...

 By: Subexplorer : May 28th, 2021-20:51
... dial and the correct glass for it. Agree that it is a very interesting watch being a milestone in Seiko history as their first High Beat movement. I wish you´ll enjoy participating in our WS so much! Hagwe! Abel

The sound is great

 By: mhz vph : May 31st, 2021-04:02
It's a loud watch, relatively speaking. Sounds like a little machine gun next to your ear. And it has been very accurate during practical use. Hopefully one day I will find a genuine example!

Sadly not luminous...

 By: mhz vph : May 28th, 2021-23:10
If it were I would be more than happy to provide the lume shot


 By: mhz vph : May 29th, 2021-21:04
Perhaps a shipment of luminous paint is in order...

Haha thanks!

 By: mhz vph : May 31st, 2021-00:53

Too good!

 By: amanico : May 30th, 2021-13:54

Thank you nico!

 By: mhz vph : May 31st, 2021-00:53

Usually I wear big watches, up to 50 mm diameter.

 By: brauner : May 28th, 2021-17:39
But my latest acquisitions become smaller and smaller. 38,3 mm and now 38 mm Nivada Chronomaster and Chrono (Kurono) ...  

Cool combo 👍

 By: Cpt Scarlet : May 28th, 2021-21:56

Thank you😎

 By: brauner : May 30th, 2021-16:25

Small is the new big? 😉

 By: KMII : May 30th, 2021-12:00
Two great examples of 38mm working just fine 👌🏻👏🏻

Not sure

 By: brauner : May 30th, 2021-16:25
These 38 mm look good

Great theme dear Abel . Thanks for hosting this weeks WS

 By: Watchonthewrist : May 28th, 2021-20:42
I do like all kind of watches , big , small , rond or any shape tbh . My sweet spot is around 40mm . But i still own my first proper watch that I bought more the 30years ago. Back the this was a normal size This Corum isn’t that big either but still got s...  

Hello dear Watchonthewrist! It´s my big pleasure to host this new edition of WS and I´m happy to know that you like the Theme for this week end.

 By: Subexplorer : May 28th, 2021-21:00
The beautiful watches you share show that you enjoy watches regardless their sizes and confirming that it is not size what matter but the designs and personal tastes what makes for the enjoyment of our timepieces. Your Baume & Mercier may be "small" for t... 

Cool Ikepod ! ...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : May 28th, 2021-21:57
Loving that dial.

Some very cool specimen from both ends of the spectrum, Watchonthewrist!

 By: KMII : May 30th, 2021-12:05
That Corum is just so cool 👌🏻👍🏻

Hmmmm, this RR watch!

 By: amanico : May 30th, 2021-13:55

42.something to 34 ish

 By: jml_watches : May 28th, 2021-21:21
Hi All My largest watch Then my smaller ones Then there's my Swatches - all strapping brutes of 34mm of Swiss plastic Cheers JML ...  

Hello dear JML! Thank you so much for sharing with us your Big and Small ones. I´m glad to know you enjoy so much watches regardless their size.

 By: Subexplorer : May 28th, 2021-21:40
Seiko makes some great diving watches and you show a good example. Charming both your Oris and Swatch watches and I´m specially fond for that lovely swimmers dial one! Keep enjoying your collection so much no matter their sizes! Hagwe! Abel

Absolutely agree!

 By: Subexplorer : May 29th, 2021-23:17

Having worn a Swatch this weekend…

 By: KMII : May 30th, 2021-12:12
After a long time, I fully understand your liking for the smaller pieces, JML 👌🏻👏🏻

It's A Trick Question

 By: enjoythemusic : May 28th, 2021-23:54
Imho it depends on how the overall design is visually complementary to one's wrist. On one hand I love the Panerari 1118 TRON, yet there are times I love wearing the super-thin Bvlgari Octo FS. Big... Small... The whole point is to enjoy your time ...  

Hello Enjoythemusic! Thank you so much for posting your thoughts and great watches in this thread. They deserve to be viewed by all our friends here. Agree with your thoughts about...

 By: Subexplorer : May 29th, 2021-12:57
... sizes and designs. You show two superb watches with strong but different personalities. You know I love Panerai and the Bulgari Octo is in my wish list. Such a beautiful design! Keep enjoying them so much! Hagwe! Abel

Two good choices !

 By: Cpt Scarlet : May 29th, 2021-21:28

True that…

 By: KMII : May 30th, 2021-12:16
And often it’s more a question of proportions than of the outright size 👍🏻

Delma and De Bethune

 By: Sfwatchlover : May 29th, 2021-00:34
The smallest (35mm) and the biggest (43mm) watches in my collection. 20 years ago, the Delma was my daily wear and it was considered uni-sex. Now it seems too small for me to wear to meet people, although I wear it sometimes at home. The 43mm De Bethune D...  

Hi Sfwatchlover! Welcome to our WS event and thanks a lot for sharing with us your Big and Small timepieces. Even if small for todays standards, your charming Delma deserves to have wrist time...

 By: Subexplorer : May 29th, 2021-22:51
... not only inside home. 35 mm is a very enjoyable size I feel. Your DB is truly breathtaking and with a strong personality. Keep enjoying them so much! Hagwe! Abel

My big pleasure Sfwatchlover. I´m happy to know you liked the theme I choose enough to inspire you to participate for your first time. I wish you will keep participating in future editions as well.

 By: Subexplorer : May 30th, 2021-01:54
WS hosts always try our best to find a theme each week end to attract as many participants as possible to enjoy sharing their shots and exchanging personal points of view about them. Ultimately it is the members participation what makes for the fun, enjoy... 

Thanks :))

 By: Sfwatchlover : May 30th, 2021-15:03

Size doesn't matter, most of the time

 By: rremiker : May 29th, 2021-00:41
Normally I would not give much thought to buying or owning a 37MM watch, conventionally believing 37MM to be too small. However, I am so thrilled to own this rare Zenith A3818 “ Cover Girl” Revival. She wears perfectly! ...  

Looking great!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : May 29th, 2021-01:13

Welcome to our WS event Rremiker!! Absolutely agree with you. We should be open minded regarding watches. If we adjust our collection to certain size range or style it would mean...

 By: Subexplorer : May 29th, 2021-12:53
... to reduce our enjoyment of many interesting and beautiful timepieces not fitting our pre set limits. The Cover Revival limited edition is a wonderful watch. 37 mm adds to its charm and vintage looks and I´m sure you are enjoying so much wearing it on ... 

Zenith looks cool 😎

 By: Cpt Scarlet : May 29th, 2021-21:44

I am really impressed that Zenith resisted the urge to supersize these!

 By: KMII : May 30th, 2021-12:19
And they wear like a charm as a result. Great piece 👌🏻

thanks for the theme, Abel!

 By: terbaboom : May 29th, 2021-01:29
here are some of mine in various sizes... my smallest watch at the moment is the 5196R at 37mm my biggest are at 45mm and i don't see them often in this forum. the first one is a Milus Tri-retrograde Seconds. i like the way the seconds are presented like ...  

It is my big pleasure to host and bring this theme to our classic WS event my friend Terbaboom! Thank you for sharing your timepieces and feelings about watch sizes here.

 By: Subexplorer : May 29th, 2021-12:44
You share them in stunning photographs indeed. Very interesting Milus and its original way of displaying seconds! Your 5196 Calatrava is a very elegant dress watch with a nice size at 37 mm for this type of timepieces. I guess 45 mm is a wearable size for... 

thanks, Abel!

 By: terbaboom : May 30th, 2021-09:02
indeed, although i prefer 40mm, i'll still buy other sizes if i like the other aspects of the watch

Good to see your lineup for Wristscan...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : May 29th, 2021-21:46
Well played terbaboom.

thanks, Captain!

 By: terbaboom : May 30th, 2021-09:03

Some truly interesting pieces there…

 By: KMII : May 30th, 2021-12:21
The Milus is definitely very innovative with its triple seconds display - not seen that one before 👌🏻👍🏻

thanks, KMII!

 By: terbaboom : May 30th, 2021-13:38
alas, Milus doesn't make such watches anymore

Good theme Abel

 By: Quan : May 29th, 2021-06:31
My smallest boy size DJ My largest 42mm 5070G In recent years my go to size 36-39mm HAGWE ...  

Thank you so much for sharing with us your small and big watches Quan! Glad you liked the Theme. The Rolex would be around 34 mm I guess. A size considered "small" for today...

 By: Subexplorer : May 29th, 2021-12:36
... standards but which I find very wearable and as a matter of fact I wear from time to time by Bubblebacks in this size. Your superb Patek 5070 is a modern classic and at 42 mm sits very nicely on the wrist. What a beautiful chrono! We share similar tas... 

Early of May

 By: Quan : May 30th, 2021-05:15
I just sold my last PAM, so now officially PAMless.....

Good to see your 5070G 👍

 By: Cpt Scarlet : May 29th, 2021-21:47

Thanks Capt

 By: Quan : May 30th, 2021-05:14

Hmmmmm, this 5070G!!!

 By: amanico : May 30th, 2021-13:57

Great theme, Abel!

 By: KMII : May 29th, 2021-06:33
I could not agree more with your statement that for a majority of history the 30-36mm range was considered perfectly adequate to the human wrist. For me the 33-38 range still wears best, to be honest. In the end it’s more about sound design and good propo...  

Hello dear friend KM! Thank you for sharing your beautiful watches (and awesome straps) with your points of view about sizes with us! I´m happy to know you liked the theme...

 By: Subexplorer : May 29th, 2021-12:24
... I agree with your thoughts and you show that though we have preferences around certain size range, we can always break our limits to enjoy a really big watch like your 51 mm Seiko SD chronograph without any problems. You show here great shots of your ... 

Thanks a lot for the kind words, Abel!

 By: KMII : May 30th, 2021-12:23
While I definitely tend towards the 40mm and less part there are always some exceptions, which can be great fun, too 👍🏻

My pleasure always dear KM! Yes, we have preferences in sizes of course but it is good to broaden our horizons to try some exceptions both over and under our own standards.

 By: Subexplorer : May 30th, 2021-13:51
Agree with you that it is a great fun too. Keep enjoying your great collection so much! Cheers! Abel

The 51mm Seiko Izul SDAA001 is a knockout !

 By: Cpt Scarlet : May 29th, 2021-21:50
What’s the case depth ?

This is a difficult question…

 By: KMII : May 30th, 2021-12:26
I will explain. The official height is 14,4 mm (and due to the titanium case it’s quite comfortable). But it has a curved case back and depending on whether you use the time or timing side up the height will vary, as it’s asymmetric in terms of thickness ... 

Perfect sense ....

 By: Cpt Scarlet : May 30th, 2021-13:09
Thanks KM, it’s interesting as I haven’t had the opportunity to try one on and looks can sometimes be deceptive. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Dear Subexplorer, a great theme! These are my two.

 By: Abacus : May 29th, 2021-08:38
Longines 994 and Vostok Amphibia ...  

Hello Abacus! Welcome to our WS event! I´m glad you like the Theme. Great shot! You join us with two watches from your collection with sizes in opposite ends of the scale!

 By: Subexplorer : May 29th, 2021-12:29
Would you please tell us the size of your Longines and Vostok? I feel these interesting timepieces deserve a shot from their front to enjoy their view if you have the time to take one picture. Enjoy your watches so much and I hope to have you participatin... 

Dear Abel, many thanks!

 By: Abacus : May 29th, 2021-21:55
Here is a picture of them from the front. The Vostok is 41mm across and the Longines only 33mm. Very different but both fun! Apologies for the poor picture. I have a long way to go with that skill! ...  

Thank you so much dear Abacus for this additional picture of your Vostok and Longines. It surely deserved to be viewed this way. I didn´t know this Vostok model. Love the easy to read dial...

 By: Subexplorer : May 29th, 2021-22:43
... and the Longines a very beautiful dress watch which would look very elegant with its 33 mm case. I feel the case shape makes it look bigger on the wrist. Regarding photography: don´t worry, skills develops with practice and getting inspiration viewing... 

Great mini stack!

 By: amanico : May 30th, 2021-14:00

Interesting theme Abel....

 By: halkcb : May 29th, 2021-11:22
....i am more comfortable with smaller sizes below 40mm with my small wrist, but it depends on the watch itself The chronometro at 43 sits comfortably despite its size The much smaller Cartier santos at 34 But ,with rectangular watches,the Rouge ,although...  

Hello dear Henry! Thank you for sharing your beautiful watches and thoughts regarding sizes. We share same taste about sizes... and timepieces. Agree with you that it depends...

 By: Subexplorer : May 29th, 2021-12:16
... on the design. Even a 43 mm watch like our Purists Chronometer sits in a thin wrist due to the shape of lugs and case back. Keep enjoying your beauties so much and I´m glad you like the Theme. Hagwe! Abel

Absolutely agree!

 By: halkcb : May 30th, 2021-16:31

I don‘t care about size …

 By: JLCman : May 29th, 2021-13:38
It‘s just for the fun of diversity, age, habits and style ;-) ...  

Absolutely agree!!

 By: Subexplorer : May 30th, 2021-16:27

Dear Abel..great variety of case size collection you have there!

 By: S F : May 29th, 2021-14:52
Case size together with the lug design determine how a watch wears on the wrist. 30mm - used to be smaller as you said.... 36mm 38mm. With Breguet's lug design, something upto 38mm in its Tradition and Classique series works better for me. 42mm. Not too b...  

Hello dear friend S F! Thank you so much for your kind comments about my collection of different sizes. Though my preferences go for the 36 mm to 42 mm size, I make exceptions with Panerai...

 By: Subexplorer : May 29th, 2021-22:35
... and other watches like the IWC Big Pilot or Portuguese models among others. I agree with you that case size and lugs design determine how the watch will seat on our wrists. I will add the shape of the case back as well, as in my experience it is also ... 

Thks Abel!

 By: S F : May 30th, 2021-01:32
You are absolutely right! The individual’s wrist plays an important part too…even for an identical watch. Cheers!

Thks my friend!

 By: S F : May 31st, 2021-04:17
Not surprised the Longines caught your eye. I chanced upon this interesting piece when i was browsing the net one day😁

A lucky find!

 By: amanico : May 31st, 2021-06:14

That's a good topic, dear Abel!

 By: MTR : May 29th, 2021-22:28
Does it depend on the size? For me only insofar as I have to find the case size with which I feel really comfortable. I generally have a tendency towards bigger watches. Personally, I don't feel comfortable with watch cases under 39 mm. This was my smalle...  

Hello Thomas! Thank you so much for sharing your superb collection of timepieces and your thoughts about sizes. I can see you like big sized elegant watches.

 By: Subexplorer : May 29th, 2021-23:04
Your Zenith Type 20 (the second one we can view this weekend as our Captain Scarlet also showed his own) is a magnificent timepiece with a strong presence on the wrist. My Panerai heart beats fast when viewing your Fiddy and I feel we have a winner in you... 

Thank you, my dear Abel, for

 By: MTR : May 30th, 2021-08:30
your kind words about my „eclectic collection“. I have not always the time to participate in our wrist scan competitions (which for me are more beautiful moments of encounter than of competition) but it’s always a joy to do this. Cheers Thomas

My big pleasure Thomas! Your collection deserves the praise. I also consider my own collection "eclectic" and I early found that my initial steps in collecting focused in just one brand and one type of...

 By: Subexplorer : May 30th, 2021-16:46
... timepieces (chronos) would reduce my enjoyment of the long journey of collecting. Being open minded for other brands, types and sizes made me broaden the scope and enjoy so many pieces I never had dreamed before to own or even to know they existed. I ... 

There are a few larger watches that I feel comfortable wearing . . .

 By: Dr No : May 30th, 2021-03:00
. . . such as a 910 Flightmaster. Even though it appears to be dominating in this photo, it doesn't come across as overpowering when I'm wearing it. Sloping sides, dial design and colors, and multiple crowns and pushers serve to minimize its presence. In ...  

Hello dear Art!! Big congrats on your new catch!!

 By: Subexplorer : May 30th, 2021-04:29
GS offers some wonderful watches and your new arrival shows that! I can well understand it was instant love for you. Agree with you that when on the wrist the FM 910 doesn’t look or feel so big as when viewed alone or in pictures. And the Marine! Ahh! You... 


 By: amanico : May 30th, 2021-14:11


 By: Subexplorer : May 30th, 2021-14:25

Hmmhh.. A bit late, but hope not too late.. Here some chips to play..

 By: hs111 : May 30th, 2021-09:31
Small vs Big - interesting topic, Abel ! So I humbly will try to play.. One thing and topic, among others, for smaller watches are Militaries, going back to 40ies, 50ies. Then often small is just diameter, but watch-wrist ratio, case thickness come into p...  

Hello dear friend HS: Thank you so much for your posting here. Not too late! We still have some hours left till 5 PM UTC for all members who wish to participate.

 By: Subexplorer : May 30th, 2021-14:25
You share some amazing selection of Big and Small watches to enjoy viewing. Let me say that your "standard" of sizes ranging from 38 to 42 mm is similar to mine. Of course you and me don´t want to miss the fun of exploring pieces with sizes under and over... 

Hello, dear Abel !.. Thx a lot for your long and kind comments.. You made so many well taken points.. And Yes, we both seem to have some similiar tastes !

 By: hs111 : May 30th, 2021-16:21
One remark as per your Q in regards to the (J)LC Mark VII Weems and their dials: - You are right, as Nico‘s has a US version; they come with LeCoultre on the dial, whereas the British version, such as mine comes with sterile dials ! (BTW: You can also fin... 

Always my pleasure to view and comment. So nice to have a chat about our favorite subjects with a good friend, isn´t it?

 By: Subexplorer : May 30th, 2021-16:25
Thank you for your explanation about the Weems model. Very interesting and making yours a rare variant among a already rare watch. Absolutely agree: above all a watch must sing us! Cheers! Abel

Good shots hs ...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : May 30th, 2021-14:29
I particularly the shot of your PAM 176 Titanio Luminor.

Hello dear Abel, size does matter to me!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : May 30th, 2021-11:54
My sweets spot in terms of case size would 42mm. Legibility is important to me but I also like a watch with strong presence on the wrist. For these reasons, when I deviate from 42mm, I tend to go bigger rather then smaller. I have grown quite found of the...  

Well thank you my friend!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : May 30th, 2021-14:11

Thank you Captain!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : May 30th, 2021-15:29

Hello dear Yacomino!! Never too late! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about size and your great choices from your collection.

 By: Subexplorer : May 30th, 2021-15:16
I can well understand you. Panerai is a superb choice if you like an strong presence on wrist, heft and easy time reading. And as you well say 47 mm is not a difficult size to bear on the wrist, specially when you love the brand, the design and the herita... 

Thank you Abel for these very kind words!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : May 30th, 2021-15:30
Enjoy your Sunday!

Cool duo!

 By: amanico : May 30th, 2021-14:05

Late entry for big watch.

 By: Bill : May 30th, 2021-17:02

That’s truly a Big watch Bill!!

 By: Subexplorer : May 30th, 2021-17:30
Is that a Russian divers watch? Thank you for your entry!! Cheers! Abel

Ha ha ha!! True!!

 By: Subexplorer : May 30th, 2021-17:56

Aaah that one!!!

 By: amanico : May 30th, 2021-17:36

I really like it!!

 By: Subexplorer : May 30th, 2021-17:57

I'm stumped - what . . .

 By: Dr No : May 30th, 2021-20:48
. . . is it, Nicolas?