WristScan Theme - Starring Friday 1st September …

Aug 30, 2023,18:34 PM

Hello dear friends !

This weekend starting Friday, our theme for WristScan is all about “August Vibes” and in particular the watches that you have enjoyed this month. Think of it as a retrospective !

Some watches just seem perfectly suited to different times of the year, paired with a different style of clothing and a change in the pace in life. 

Share a few photos with us and tell us about your choice of watch, clothing and lifestyle during August. 

Don’t forget WristScan has an element of friendly competition and fun. Your photos will be judged in three categories, Best Wrist Shot, Best Static Shot and finally Watch Of The Week. The results will be announced on Sunday evening. 

Hope you can join us !

Best regards 

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Great to have you hosting next weekend dear Captain. Nice Theme. A retrospective review of the watches worn during August sounds very interesting.

 By: Subexplorer : August 30th, 2023-20:29
As usual I made a lot of changes of watches on my wrist along the month and documented them with photographs which I can use in my entry. I look forward to view what you and our friends here have been wearing too!! See you on Friday my dear friend. Best c... 

Hello dear friend …

 By: Cpt Scarlet : August 30th, 2023-20:42
I’ve been thinking about all the different watches that I have enjoyed this month, quite a variety for various reasons. See you Friday !

Can’t wait to view your August choices !!

 By: Subexplorer : August 30th, 2023-23:13
See you on Friday! Cheers! Abel