WristScan - October Edition …

Oct 04, 2023,17:12 PM

Hello dear friends !

Our new format for WristScan starts this Friday and we would love you to join our watch community event.

The theme is all about our watches and the “treats” of any kind of treat that we enjoy in life. This could be something simple like a coffee in the morning, a little patisserie, your favourite music, friends, or even the car you love. The main thing is it’s your special treat, the thing that makes life just a little better. 

The simple treat in the WristScan poster, is of a tasty apple patisserie that I (Captain) enjoyed overlooking a beautiful beach with a coffee this week… delicious !

Don’t forget that we have an additional new category for our new format WristScan. This is the “Classic” category for wrist watches and timepieces of ten years old or more. 

The categories presented by our moderator team of judges are as follows: 

Our new “Classic” category - Art 
Best Static Shot - Abel
Best Wrist Shot - KMII
Watch Of The Week - Captain

The results will be posted on Sunday evening dependant on our judges time zones. 

We look forward to seeing your photos and having some fun !

Best regards 
The WristScan Team 

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Wonderful choice Captain, the treats

 By: Derreck : October 4th, 2023-17:20
Thank you and thanks to all our judges for working for this event
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Thank you Derreck …

 By: Cpt Scarlet : October 4th, 2023-18:10
The WristScan team look forward to seeing your photos and having some fun this weekend.
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I have always great moments

 By: Weems@8 : October 4th, 2023-18:49
when i doing a job at home like making a wall better, repair something with quality tools. Because i have wonderful solutions. Thinking about tackle problems. ...  
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Hello dear Captain!! Great theme to start the new WS format! Loof forward to the answers from our community and I will be ready for your opening post next Friday.

 By: Subexplorer : October 4th, 2023-19:32
I wonder which are your favorite treats though I feel I have some ideas! See you on Friday! Best, Abel
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Hello dear friend …

 By: Cpt Scarlet : October 4th, 2023-21:50
Would I be allowed this as a treat 😎 ...  
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I guess so dear Captain! You got my approval! ;)

 By: Subexplorer : October 5th, 2023-15:08
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Excellent 😉

 By: Cpt Scarlet : October 5th, 2023-21:39
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 By: Subexplorer : October 7th, 2023-15:20
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