Three seats are available: volunteering judges, please!

Aug 24, 2019,05:34 AM

This week's round of wrist scan is still going on, with some unexpected and long time not seen pieces Who are the three esteem gentlemen wanting to judge static shot, wrist shot and watch of the week?

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I'll take Wrist Shot👍

 By: thegrailwatch : August 24th, 2019-09:06
If you can trust me with the assignment 🍻

Wrist Shot gone! 🥃🥃

 By: COUNT DE MONET : August 24th, 2019-09:30
Thank you thegrailwatch. Count Count ... that was a brilliant idea from you today 😀

Need a judge for Static?

 By: nomadgiles : August 24th, 2019-10:06
If so Count me in 😉

It is a pleasure, Moritz!

 By: nomadgiles : August 24th, 2019-10:13
Cheers, G.

"Watch of the week" is judged by our dear and always dapper looking FabR!

 By: COUNT DE MONET : August 24th, 2019-12:47
That does not mean that his genius, clearly philosophical wrist shot is not in the race anymore ...