SwissKubik watch winder- again!

Jul 26, 2018,00:01 AM

There have  been some recent posts about this particular winder (Startbox), so my apologies if this seems like repetition. 

I am very particular (too particular) about my watch getting scratched. My main question is whether there is any chance of the watch getting scratched when placing it in or taking it out of the winder. Also, what does the "pillow" feel like, is it soft or can it scratch the under-surface of the watch/bracelet? How about the clasp, does it hit the bottom of the watch bucket?

Thank you in advance for any feedback.

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I am a fan.

 By: chocomallo : July 26th, 2018-00:34
Pillow is hard plastic with a textured finished where contacting the watch and bracelet. The textured finish has a somewhat soft feel but is plastic. The front part of the pillow is somewhat flexible. Plenty of clearance putting in and taking out even for...  


 By: chocomallo : July 26th, 2018-00:52
The Octo is a lot of fun. I checked the fully compressed circumference of the cushion and it is right near 16.5cm.

Thank you for the photos and explanation

 By: Poky : July 26th, 2018-01:16
I wonder if it would be possible to cover the cushion with a microfibre cloth before inserting the watch. That should avoid scratching the under-surface of the watch. The Octo looks great in the winder.

It should be fine.

 By: chocomallo : July 26th, 2018-01:23
The cushion clicks into place so the cloth could only run around the circumference but I don’t see an issue doing that. You could even cut a cloth to size and glue or tape it in place.

Thank you again.

 By: Poky : July 26th, 2018-16:31
Would you mind providing me with the measurement of the plastic holder when it is open please? I am trying to work out if I can place the watch on it with the clasp open as my wrist is smaller than 16.5 cm.

Saw a small version on the company website

 By: Mr Glass : July 26th, 2018-04:57
So I suspect I will need to order the smaller plastic holders. Website does not provide sizing info so your measurement was very useful thanks!

They sell 2 sizes of inserts.

 By: BMR : July 26th, 2018-06:02
My wrist is a little over 16cm, and the small size insert works fine for me. The large size is obviously ok or watches with straps, but a bracelet sized to your wrist will not work on the regular insert.

Happy to help.

 By: BMR : July 27th, 2018-08:24
I think you’ll be pleased with it. As I mentioned, I’ve had a 6 watch winder for 10 years. Since then I purchased another single winder for my wife. I’m very comfortable with the quality from this brand.

Generally you're okay with this design...

 By: patrick_y : July 26th, 2018-01:49
When you start to have problems is when you have a glass window. I've seen watches that fell off the spring loaded holder, and then was scratched by the glass cover! Lots of scratches ensued! This one looks okay, the main thing is to put the watch on the ... 

You're welcome! I want to add...

 By: patrick_y : July 28th, 2018-12:23
When the watch fell off the watch winder, it only fell off by a tiny bit, maybe only around 5mm, but that was enough for gravity to bump it into the glass at every rotation. The rotating action may get it loose, and once it's loose it may move.

The issue with the insert coming out and a watch scratching up the glass did happen to me once.

 By: BMR : July 26th, 2018-06:04
It was my fault as I hadn’t put the watch on the insert properly. In the 10 years I’ve had mine, this happened once.

Orbita winders make scratches nearly impossible.

 By: Katzky1 : August 13th, 2018-19:51
Orbita uses a foam insert vs hard plastic found in most other brands. It is the only winder I use for my platinum & gold watches. They even have a "refurbished" section on their website where you can get 50%+ discount. The drawback vs Wolf is the need to ...