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Jul 09, 2020,11:20 AM

Which means..i will hunt that down too!
Thanks for the recommendation!

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Enjoying a nice read

 By: Cookies : July 9th, 2020-06:31
Just got the legendary book called George Daniels Watchmaking. This book is going to keep me engrossed for a few years with the massive content. ...  

When you command the different steps of the Daniels Method

 By: xyz123abc : July 9th, 2020-06:43
You can apply for work anywhere.

He is truly genius

 By: Cookies : July 9th, 2020-07:13
Imagine if Patek accepted his co-axial tech back then. We would be in a very different habitat now. Too bad they shoved it aside because it was “too thick”. When I read this book, I can come to realize why he is the master of masterwatchmakers. FP Journe’...  

Great program! [nt]

 By: amanico : July 9th, 2020-07:00

Someone will write abt him on this forum

 By: Cookies : July 9th, 2020-11:39
A short summary with quotes will work wonders. I wonder if I have the time to research about him sufficiently to do justice to his good work. I wish someone would write...

Have you also read ...

 By: Centurionone : July 9th, 2020-11:03
All in Good Time: Reflections of a Watchmaker ? The autobiography

Not yet

 By: Cookies : July 9th, 2020-11:20
Which means..i will hunt that down too! Thanks for the recommendation!

Yes. A very good book also. What a extraordinary personality he was.

 By: ChristianDK : September 13th, 2020-18:32
I read this summer. A great read.

Quality reading!

 By: countzero : July 9th, 2020-22:07
Here's a picture of my copy that I got some time ago. Have not got very far yet, but at least it is now removed from wrappers. ...  

I've started

 By: Cookies : July 11th, 2020-06:47
Page 1...oh it is an esoteric book.

Yes, an amazing book! I have two, one in french and one in english, for the vocabulary...

 By: eklektik : September 7th, 2020-15:09
I really advise you G Daniels autobiography, "all in good time", a great read! Best, E.

Yes I will

 By: Cookies : September 8th, 2020-02:37
The mechanical nature of the watch allures me. Nowadays, I can start to pinpoint potential flaws in design. Reading more also makes me more careful when wearing these watches, because shock can displace parts. They say - ignorance is bliss. When the eyes ... 

Is it a very technical read?

 By: amg786w : November 21st, 2020-04:39