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Jun 05, 2017,05:11 AM

There seems to be an explosion of watchmaking courses these days.  From initiation courses simply assembling a movement in a case through movement assembly to simple cleaning, etc. (not to mention the paths to become a professional watchmaker).  But what does one do if one lives far from any center or wants to enrich ones evenings with learning watchmaking and not be bound on any particular dates?

I have recently stumbled across a answer with the video courses at LearnWatchmaking.com.  Christian Lass has made a remarkable set of video courses from the basics to advanced work on vintage movements.  Christian has the professional knowledge after working for years with the Atelier Andersen in Copenhagen, Vianney Halter in Ste.-Croix and more recently in restauration at the Patek Philippe museum. His qualities as a teacher are evident when watching the videos.

Christian has obviously but much thought into making these courses.  He puts at the forefront the questions of ergonometrie that are cardinal when learning to work on such small parts.  Yes, you can learn this and it is possible and Christian constantly mentions the little tricks that one may not be aware of when watching, but make the work all so much easier.  I notice also that while he shows in detail the process at hand he often also mentions other possibilities that one will regularly see. For example when opening a watch case, the watch at hand has a press-on back and opening such a case is explained in detail, but the 2 other common case back types and how to open them are also described more than just briefly.

If you would like to get a little more "hands on" with your watches I can recommend these video courses.


from the begining Watchmaking 101 course

from the Vintage Chronograph course

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Thanks for sharing!

 By: brandon1 : June 5th, 2017-06:32
Can't wait to check these out! Cheers, Brandon

Good find!

 By: KamalRostov : June 5th, 2017-06:35
Thanks for sharing. I would surely go through these vids

Looked at these courses a couple of weeks ago, really great material!

 By: HGL : June 5th, 2017-08:04
They have a super sharp video quality, great explanations and you can even get a set of tools+ watch if you need something to try your hands on (before hitting your own watches😉). Something to have fun with! Thanks for sharing, Don! Have a nice week, Best... 

Thanks Don! [nt]

 By: MCG (Markus) : June 5th, 2017-10:50


 By: Alex_KonTiki : June 5th, 2017-12:23
I think I'll get it, I've to start now. Thanks. All the best Alex

Looks interesting

 By: Alex25 : June 16th, 2017-03:20
Thanks for sharing

great food for thought and thanks for sharing. Nowadays very few watchmakers can repair and overhaul extremely well a valjoux72 or its rare rattrapante variant

 By: georgeszaslavsky : July 30th, 2017-03:05
Also not every watchmaker poises the balances as well as retouches the hammers on this movement. Worse on the full calendar variant which is more complicated to service. And with some rare and complicated chrono calibres, it is just only a few who can mas...