How many TIME-RELATED words are there?

Sep 12, 2019,11:11 AM

While looking up Chronodrometer (see related article HERE), I realized I was getting drawn in deeper and deeper. So many words, each describing various little tic-tac-toc machines with specialized usages! 

Time for the dictionary! 

But note - online dictionaries generally you the meaning of a single word. What I needed was all the words related to Chronos - Greek for time. So I pulled out my Webster's unabridged dictionary (I'm an editor, 'tis obligatory to have a real dictionary).

And since many of these words do NOT exist in the limited online "popular word" dictionaries, I decided to type in the essential meaning of each.

Here are the words I found:

CHRONOBAROMETER - a mercurial barometer hung as a pendulum and connected with clockwork so that the mean length of the mercury column may be observed or recorded through the mean rate of vibration; a digital instrument for tracking barometric changes over time 

CHRONOCINEMATOGRAPH - an astronomical instrument consisting of a film camera, chronometer and chronograph. The device records images using a precise timetable. It was invented in 1927 by a Polish astronomer Tadeusz Banachiewicz for observing total solar eclipses.

CHRONOCINEMATOGRAPHY - the measurement by photographic methods of events occuring during the passage of time

CHRONOCRATOR - Egyptian mythology - the lord of the year;  the lord of the ascendant when the sun enters Aries

CHRONOCYCLEGRAPH - a photograph in which the course of a motion is indicated by a series of timed flashes; for example, used in time/motion studies of factory workers

CHRONODEIK - an instrument for approximating the passage of time using a suspended telescope to see the transit of stars across the sky; invented by American astronomer S.C. Chandler in the 1880s.


CHRONODROMETER - early stop watch for timing sporting events

CHRONOGENEOUS - appearing at a given time or chronological age

CHRONOGENESIS - the time when a group or species appeared in the chronological record

CHRONOGRAM - a time line of events; also a sentence or phrase where certain highlighted letters indicate a date (see CHRONOSTICHON or HERE)

CHRONOGRAMMATIC - pertaining to Chronograms

CHRONOGRAMATICIST - person who makes Chronograms

CHRONOGRAPH - an instrument for measuring and recording time; the first one was invented by Louis Moinet in 1816

CHRONOGRAPHER - person who does Chronography

CHRONOGRAPHIC -  pertaining to Chronographs

CHRONOGRAPHICAL - synonymous with Chronological (but perhaps shorter time periods)

CHRONOGRAPHY - a record of past time; the making of a Chronograph

CHRONOISOTHERMAL - a diagram indicating the mean monthly temperature of a place at each hour of the day

CHRONOLOGER - synonymous with Chronologist

CHRONOLOGIC - pertaining to Chronology

CHRONOLOGICAL - an account of events in sequence of the time they occurred

CHRONOLOGIST - a person who investigates and records the dates of events

CHRONOLOGIZE - to arrange chronologically; sequentially in time (as opposed to alphabetically)

CHRONOLOGY - the science of measuring or computing time by regular divisions, and assigns events or transactions to their proper dates

CHRONOMANCER - person who performs Chronomancy

CHRONOMANCY - Chinese art of of divination to find the proper time (or travel to it) to take action

CHRONOMETER - an accurate portable time-keeping device for use in navigation, especially when at sea

CHRONOMETRIC RADIOSONDE - A radio transmission device whose carrier wave is switched on and off in such a manner that the interval of time between the transmission of signals is a function of the magnitude of the meteorological elements being measured (for example, signals come faster if the temperature is higher)

CHRONOMETRY - the art of measuring time by periods or divisions

CHRONONOMY - the method of reckoning and measuring time

CHRONOPHER - an instrument signaling the correct time to distant locations by means of electical pulses or signals; used by railroads for signaling

CHRONOPHOTOGRAPH - one or more still images of a moving object intended to show successive phases of motion

CHRONOPHOTOGRAPHIC - describing a device or method for capturing images in rapid succession; "a chronophotographic camera" built like a gun for taking 12 images of flying birds or insects on a single photo plate


CHRONOSCOPE - an instrument for measuring minute intervals of time between actions (the device below measures the reaction times of mice and rats in a laboratory)

CHRONOSCOPY - the study of very minute intervals of time using a Chronoscope

CHRONOSEMIC - communication employing signals at various intervals of time with a defined significance (such as smoke signals, rocket flares, dot dash in Morse code ie short, long, short, etc.)

CHRONOSTICHON - a line of mnemotechnical (memory-assisting) poetry whose letters (or some of them) indicate a date (similar to acrostic which is a set of poetic lines whose initial letters express a word). In this example, the RED capital letters correspond to Roman numerals and when added correctly give the year 1756

CHRONOTHERMAL - pertaining to the relationship of time and temperature

CHRONOTHERMOMETER - a timepiece constructed to change its rate with changes in temperature, to indicate a mean temperature over time; a digital device for selecting a certain temperature at a certain time -- generally when you want the temperature to be moving up or down during a time period, rather than staying at a constant temperature, as with a thermostat.

CHRONOTHERMOSTAT - a device that turns heating and cooling systems on and off depending on time or date (an elaborate thermostat)

CHRONOTROPIC - an outside influence or drug that inhibits or accelerates the cardiac nerves and thus the heart rate



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Dear Mike… You are so… YOU!

 By: halgedahl : September 12th, 2019-12:29
And we? The lucky beneficiaries of your scholarly bent! This was fun. For you, too, I imagine. Warm (humid) greetings from Iowa. Fred ...  

Is that your last word on the subject?

 By: cazalea : September 12th, 2019-13:11
I couldn't resist because of your handle "Epilogue" Cheers, Cazalea

Dear Mike, you forgot...

 By: JLCman : September 13th, 2019-03:06
Chronomaniac - a guy searching for Chronos related words up to the limit ;-)