Great post my friend.

Sep 09, 2022,22:19 PM

Food for thought

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Grand Complications, Part 3

 By: cazalea : September 9th, 2022-19:36
In the previous 2 posts we considered what makes a Grand Complication, and the mental gymnastics required to conceive and design such a thing. Now we also have to think about actually making it. We know that watches CONSUME TIME as well as DISPLAY TIME. C...  

It's like TETRIS!

 By: patrick_y : September 9th, 2022-17:08
Apparently, adults are the ultimate TETRIS players! Not kids! First photo reminded me of my college days, moving between dorms and apartments in my car. And the last trip when I moved home, where I loaded everything into the car in a super precise manner.... 

Great post as always

 By: andrea~ : September 9th, 2022-17:28
What's the crazy watch at the end?

That's a Jorg Hysek Grand Complication (I added details to my original post)

 By: cazalea : September 9th, 2022-19:19
He's a artist and designer of desk accessories and office equipment -- things like note holders, pen rests, blotters, in trays, etc. "Born in 1953 in Berlin, from whence he emigrated to Switzerland in 1960, he graduated from the Central School of Art in L...  

Unfortunately proprietary straps come with some risks

 By: andrea~ : September 10th, 2022-07:43
Especially if the brand isn't a large one

I agree, with a touch of Christophe Claret

 By: doubleup : September 9th, 2022-22:13
Great write up as always! Keep them coming anytime! Fascinating

Wow, I forgot him

 By: cazalea : September 10th, 2022-04:10
Can’t find the red watch I remember ...  

My thoughts too.

 By: Watchonthewrists : September 9th, 2022-22:19

Great post my friend.

 By: Watchonthewrists : September 9th, 2022-22:19
Food for thought

Even if you have the cash...

 By: mdg : September 10th, 2022-01:25
...I think Muller requires you have a graduate degree from MIT in order to purchase the watch : )

Great post, thanks!

 By: smironov : May 11th, 2024-18:02