control the torque.!!!

Apr 02, 2017,16:27 PM

hello~~ everybody.~~

i have something(idea)  to share with people who like the watch.

actually i have a idea,  but i am not sure that is good or bad.  

there is nobody who i can ask...... 

at first i am sorry that my bad English.

the idea is the way to control the torque.

there is watch that has long power reserve.  7days, 10days, or 30day.....

long power reserve watch has big and strong main spring(barrel).

sometimes strong barrel make the problem. ---- knocking and no stable(isochronizm).......

so i think the system to control the torque.  i mean....

if the torque is too high(fully winded), make it decrease(the torque).

when the torque is getting low, make it increase(the torque).

i am not good at English. so let me explain by drawing......

for example, there is 100days power reserve watch.  you can see the drawing, and there is power reserve indicator.

  (drawing is just for explain, something is wrong.! pinion size....)

there is friction spring(B), this spring touch the wheel pinion(C).

there is special part(A).  this is a eccentric lever. the movement is same with power reserve hands.

 this drawing explain fully winded situation.

 this drawing explain NO winded situation. 


when fully winded, torque is high---------make friction high(spring"B" touch pinion)----------make torque low

then 10days later,  20days later, 50days later,-----torque is getting low-------friction getting low-------torque is not big change!!!!

i am not sure that you understand what i say.....  i am sorry that my English...

i really want to ask......

  Have you ever seen same system or similar    ?????????????????

  what do you think about this system..   good or bad...????????????

thank you very much for read ..

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I think your drawing is clear, and I understand the question

 By: cazalea : April 2nd, 2017-18:06
it would probably take much experimentation to discover the right friction and the curve of the cam which reduces that friction on the pinion. But it seems logical that this could work - the question then is will it add so much friction that it reduces th... 

It already exists!

 By: skyeriding : April 2nd, 2017-21:13
Search for "stackfreed" mechanism. However, I believe this is more appropriate for the past when metallurgy for hairspring technology etc are limited, so constant torque was more important to achieve isochronism. Today in modern world, it is not as big a ... 

thank you for tell me "stackfreed"

 By: sonseik : April 3rd, 2017-07:29
i have experience.....this days... there is many watches(manual winding) which has long power reserve, 8 or 10 or 15 days...... when the watch is fully winded, there is knocking problem. there is problem very often.!!! (automatic watch also has same probl... 

I think problem is the adjustment of the friction spring

 By: skyeriding : April 3rd, 2017-08:17
If you use the friction spring on the seconds hand, it is a known solution to prevent "flutter" of seconds hand (no shaking). However, the second hand in a watch geartrain is heavily geared up - When mainspring power is high torque but low speed, the gear... 

Thank you for advice~~

 By: sonseik : April 6th, 2017-16:14
I can understand what you said.~~ and i agree with you.!! You can check first drawing, friction spring not touch the second wheel, it touch the 3rd wheel, i think friction spring can be touched at great wheel(2nd wheel)..... I just want to make friction s... 

The Richard Mille RM 008 offers a torque indicator too

 By: Alkiro1 : April 3rd, 2017-09:16
Credit: Richard Mille Best wishes Alkiro ...  

What about the click?

 By: JToddH : April 3rd, 2017-05:31
It seems like the click is the most logical component to register varying pressure from the barrel without affecting the rest of the train.

Such a system can work...

 By: DonCorson : April 7th, 2017-12:44
as shown by the old stackfreeds which were more or less exactly what you suggest. The main problem with the system is that you are adding friction to reduce the torque that gets to the escapement when the barrel is highly wound. You reduce this friction a... 

Thank you for advice.~~~

 By: sonseik : April 11th, 2017-16:11
You are right.!!~~ It is very similar with "stackfreed". But .... not exactly same.!! This idea was started by knocking problem.! I just want to reduce over torque which make knocking.! Because it is very easy to find knocking problem some calibre..!! And... 

The original name is Stackfreed [nt]

 By: CleguxM : April 11th, 2017-07:17
And it's look like this: ...  

torque regulating device

 By: kszabi28 : September 18th, 2018-06:40
I think, that with friction alone it would be impossible to limit the torque with sufficient accuracy to provide continuous torque for the escapement