A very rare Virgule escapement pocket watch

Sep 06, 2016,17:16 PM

I occassionly work on antique pieces if they are "Interesting", this watch in a gold case and signed on the cuvette Pournier a Geneve, fell into the "interesting" catagory..

The dial is unsigned.

The Lepine style movement is also not signed, it is possible that this is a movement made by Lepine for a business client.
The movement is "before jewels"  meaning all pivots including the balance pivots run in brass bushings and have hard steel endpieces.

The following shots are of the unique Virgule escape wheel.

The teeth are upright to the horozintal plane of the wheel,  the wheel is very thin and the teeth show little wear.  Note the small hole drilled through the hand set square on the center  wheel, a tapered pin is fitted into this square to keep it fixed to the center arbor.

Detail of the Virgule escape wheel teeth.

The following shots are of the Virgule balance. Note the shape of the lever fitted to the staff.

Note the flat area and the curved lever.

The Virgule escapement is rarely seen in any condition, so it is very pleasing to see this particular example which is in execelent condition.

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That is interesting!

 By: mpg13 : September 6th, 2016-17:28
Thanks for showing it to us. Best, Martin

Thanks David for the detail explanation....

 By: EdwardL : September 6th, 2016-21:59
And the perfect picture examples. Always lots to learn from you especially. Best Edward, Kong

Description in book

 By: PhilippeTheSaint : September 16th, 2016-09:46
A small description in the book “Escapements of clocks and watches” from Charles Gros. ...  

Other documents in the Book of Adolphe Chapiro

 By: PhilippeTheSaint : September 16th, 2016-10:30
Drawing J-A Lepine. ...