What do you think of this combo

Mar 10, 2020,00:51 AM

When purchased my OS the boutique gifted me this strap after my request

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I find it perfect because

 By: ChristianDK : March 10th, 2020-01:21
It makes the blue dial stand out mare than a blue strap would.

thanks christian

 By: Mohannad (aka Riddler) : March 10th, 2020-01:54
i tend to agree and that was the reason i requested the grey strap


 By: Jurry : March 10th, 2020-03:09
Although the blue strap is magnificent, this grey one makes blue dial speak out even more. Personally I have a brown strap with the blue dial, the effect is similar (unfortunately no picture and since we are still unpacking I’m not sure where the brown st... 

Looks more extraordinary [nt]

 By: Gelato Monster : March 10th, 2020-03:01


 By: Jurry : March 10th, 2020-03:07
It’s impossible not to like this combination Wear it in good health hope to meet you one day wearing it on your wrist

It’s a No from me, Mo. Maybe if the stitching was a vibrant blue...

 By: Boron : March 10th, 2020-04:55
but I still think if you wanted a grey strap to use with it, it’d need to be a lighter neutral grey or a cooler grey (blue tone).

Interesting point

 By: Mohannad (aka Riddler) : March 10th, 2020-07:14
Will consider for the future thanks

Here you go, a very rough idea of what you could consider...

 By: Boron : March 10th, 2020-18:58
when you get bored of that strap or when it comes to the end of its life. If you need to go custom, say John of Dangerous9 straps, then you can send him the strap so that he can fit its quick change mechanism into the new one. ...  

Oh my oh my

 By: Mohannad (aka Riddler) : March 10th, 2020-23:07
That is actually beautiful I will wait for the next VC event as they do custom strap ON SPOT So I will for sure go this route Thanks boron


 By: Mohannad (aka Riddler) : March 10th, 2020-09:54

Same taste

 By: ArmisE : March 10th, 2020-07:05
Hi Mohannad, it looks like we share the same taste in color matching. When I acquired my JLC Reverso tribute blue, I soon changed out the blue Fagliano strap for a grey alligator. I've been contemplating ordering a grey Fagliano, but I find this particula...  

Great minds think a like [nt]

 By: Mohannad (aka Riddler) : March 10th, 2020-09:55

I'm thinking of ordering a Fagliano too.

 By: patrick_y : March 18th, 2020-23:24
Just had to write and state I really like that blue dial and grey strap!

This is a very tasteful combination!

 By: jkvs : March 11th, 2020-06:40
The more I see the Overseas the more I like it

Handsome strap! [nt]

 By: patrick_y : March 18th, 2020-23:25

Thank you so much tony [nt]

 By: Mohannad (aka Riddler) : March 20th, 2020-00:25