Vacheron Overseas 2-3

Apr 29, 2019,07:20 AM

I have always like the overseas and it’s a joy to have both version

Should I trade one for Aquanaut? If yes, which one?

Or I should forget about Aquanaut since I was told by boutique that only those worthy can get one and wear it.

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Keep the Overseas if they bring you such joy

 By: Rei : April 29th, 2019-07:30
Forget Aquanaut for now, too pricey and ''only those worthy can get one and wear it''?? Wow! Speechless (


 By: mrds : April 29th, 2019-07:35
Unless you're looking for a watch that is recognized by everybody, keep the Overseas. It's a super cool and very versatile watch, especially the blue Gen 3.

Yup, the blue dial Overseas is a keeper

 By: Rei : April 29th, 2019-08:03
Someday, when the market cools down (or may not?) in the future, then get the Aquanaut

Still thinking

 By: swatchme77 : April 29th, 2019-16:52
Thanks. I think both overseas and aquanaut is equally good although many may not agree. As a watch lover, I don’t favour brands but wear what I like and desire to own. However the aquanaut is no longer collectible like the overseas but a trade item for so... 

Another vote for keeping the Overseas

 By: logan2z : April 29th, 2019-08:08
The Aquanaut does nothing for me from a design perspective and this 'worthy' stuff is a real turn-off. Love the blue Overseas chronograph, I hope to add one to the collection soon.

If you want to trade one of them...

 By: watchme : April 29th, 2019-07:59
I would keep the one on the left, even though it's based on the FP1185 movement. Why? The balance, the large date, the dial, are all gorgeous. The blue is nice, for sure, but I prefer, in the long term, the dial of the one on the right. -Dean

Your two Overseas are quite handsome..

 By: LS : April 29th, 2019-19:55
If they bring you joy, I would not trade either for another watch!

Same experience

 By: Jurry : April 30th, 2019-05:43
Your remark on the attitude of Patek is exactly why I never bought a Patek. I recognize it very well

Let’s not say never. Let’s wait.

 By: swatchme77 : April 30th, 2019-06:24
Maybe I should keep both and wait till maybe next generation for an aquanaut. I bought my gen 3 as the VC boutique was super nice and provide great experience.

Hi Alfy

 By: Jurry : April 30th, 2019-10:29
Yes you’re right never say never. But what I meant was; till now I never acquired a Patek VC somehow has got it right to get the proper atmosphere within their boutiques. Equal service attitude around the globe with the odd exception I have met with some ... 

Thanks Jurry

 By: swatchme77 : May 1st, 2019-04:19
I think both patek and VC are great manufacturers and it’s the number of watches made available for collectors. We are simple collectors who just want to own a few to appreciate the watch (not price) and maybe pass down for next generation who may appreci...  

Love the blue [nt]

 By: agyzace : May 1st, 2019-06:09


 By: swatchme77 : May 1st, 2019-06:20
Sharing a wrist shot ...