The blue dial of this Tourbillon is out of this world

Feb 09, 2020,13:15 PM

While at the boutique today

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Love it...

 By: Ted-Lo : February 9th, 2020-14:13
How is the heft? How different is the blue from the 3 hander? Ted

Heft not far from the 3 gander so is the dial

 By: Mohannad (aka Riddler) : February 9th, 2020-22:51
Honestly VC is killing it with these blue dials just spectacular


 By: Jurry : February 10th, 2020-01:39
Ted, the other day you asked about these blue squares in the outside ring. On the picture posted by Mohammed you can see them even more clearly

That’s true...

 By: Ted-Lo : February 10th, 2020-02:31
I want to see this in person,