Thanks for the pictures.

Dec 15, 2010,00:04 AM

An all steel 222 is one of my must-have watches. One of these days the right one will come up and I'll have it. For now I'll just have to be satisfied with my Overseas.

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VC 222 An Inside Look

 By: cazalea : December 10th, 2010-09:54
Hi All, Today we can have a look inside a very nice 222. This predecessor to the Offshore has many similar appearance features shared with the AP Royal Oak, PP Nautilus, and Rolex Oysterquartz. From what I have been told by the watch's owner (it's on a lo...  


 By: playtime : December 10th, 2010-10:58

Ah, you make it look so easy!

 By: respo : December 10th, 2010-11:05
I would not try any of that myself. LOL. Thanks for posting thes additional photos and information. I really appreciate it. I am surprised to learn that it may not have been designed by Genta -- I had thought it was. Is there any confirmation of your frie... 

222 - Hysek or Genta?

 By: cazalea : December 10th, 2010-11:30
As far as making it look easy taking the watch apart, I should have said "Please. Don't try this at home". My info source on the design? The owner of the watch, who said "I mentioned to the editor of Watchtime that I thought Genta had designed the 222 as ... 

Not my favourite VC, by far ...

 By: amanico : December 10th, 2010-11:16

A lady undressed...

 By: Tick Talk : December 10th, 2010-15:48

if i may offer i suggestion...

 By: eterna-fan : December 14th, 2010-15:57

Thanks for the pictures.

 By: rovermark : December 15th, 2010-00:04