SIHH 2019: Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Twinbeat. One of the most interesting watch of the Salon.

Jan 21, 2019,07:17 AM

It is too bad that I didn't have the time to have a photo session at the Vacheron Booth, this year, because I missed that one of the most interesting watch of this year, the Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Twinbeat. 

What do we have, here? 

A watch offering the possibility to choose between two frequencies, 5 HZ or 1, 2 Hertz via a selector / pusher located at 8 o clock. 

To make it simple, when you wear the watch, you need the best accuracy, hence, the fastest frequency. You will have 4 Days power reserve at that pace. 

When you don't wear the watch, you can opt for the lowest frequency, 1, 2 Hz, and you will have accuracy and autonomy, with 65 days power reserve. 

Which is particularly useful when the watch in question is a perpetual calendar, as it won't oblige you to set the date if you let it in the safe for more than 4 days. 

The nice looking manual winding movement, Cal 3610: 

Smart, the watch is. Beautiful, it is, too. 

The proportions are excellent with its 42 mm case which is 12, 3 high. The case is made of platinum. 

The dial and back sides are superb. 

A document explaining the new Twinbeats: 

The only " problem "... The price: 210 000 Euros. 

Other than that, I am happy to see Vacheron issuing a special and original watch, this year. 

And I can tell you several brands I visited at the SIHH this year mentioned this watch with respect and admiration. 

Now, just one question, to end: Vacheron perpetual calendars have to be set through several pushers, which is fastidious, and which makes the technical solution of the Twinbeat as useful as it is interesting. 

Would it be so useful and interesting if you could adjust the perpetual calendar forward and backward  just through the crown? 



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Vacheron Constantin is really rocking complications in recent years but they should focus on their primary collections, too.

 By: Pour le Mérite : January 21st, 2019-08:57
They should thin their portfolio and start to make some reasonable sized classical watches again. Also I'm asking myself who decided to release the Overseas Ultra-Thin in white gold? Like wtf!

A dream watch.

 By: dr.kol : January 21st, 2019-10:44
VCstarts to give hard time to their main rival. Kari

This one, yes... [nt]

 By: amanico : January 21st, 2019-10:45

Ha, very good question at the end.

 By: emcquillan : January 21st, 2019-10:59
Wouldn’t it be simpler with easy to use pushers to correct the perpetual calendar date? Well put Nicolas. I am in love with this dual frequency intellectually and aesthetically despite this question. It’s out of my reach, but if it was a little more morta... 

Absolutely breathtaking- wow

 By: nasseriq : January 21st, 2019-11:47
Best Reubin

For me, one of the best from this years SIHH!

 By: ZeroHour : January 21st, 2019-23:09
Regardless of brand, every year, we all ask these manufacturers for something new and innovative. Well, here it is! And what a creative solution to the PC “downfalls”. Speaking of setting forwards or backwards, how many other brands offer this? I can thin... 

+1 NT [nt]

 By: ZeroHour : January 22nd, 2019-07:53

"Speaking of setting forwards or backwards, how many other brands offer this?"

 By: Pour le Mérite : January 22nd, 2019-08:17
Montblanc is the newest addition with this years release in the Heritage Perpetual Calendar. Price point highly competitive at 15,000 € for the stainless steel version.

True. [nt]

 By: amanico : January 22nd, 2019-09:20

I love the concept of this watch BUT...

 By: mdg : January 22nd, 2019-15:55 less than thrilled with the logo being printed (or so it appears from other photos I've seen) underneath the crystal. In this case I believe it should have been removed from the front entirely...branding on the back is sufficient. And it's a perpetu... 

Exceptional, on many levels. And quite attractive!

 By: MichaelC : January 22nd, 2019-18:19
The price precludes it from ever being one I would own, but I sure admire it. Bravo, VC!


 By: Jurry : January 30th, 2019-02:29
Switching between 5 and 1.2 Hz is something that’s in hindsight so logical that it makes you wonder why nobody else ever thought about it. The watch itself is not my style (no fan of open dials) but I’m sure this technique will be applied in other future ... 

A great watch

 By: quattro98 : January 30th, 2019-09:55
It’s nice to see something other than the usual supercomplication cocktails being made for statement watches. Well out of my price range but makes me respect not just the heritage but the vision and execution of VC. The halo effect of such a piece has ach... 

Incredible idea and mouvement, disappointing face

 By: David_S : February 3rd, 2019-06:00
I saw it (albeit not on my wrist). I have to say I absolutely love the concept and the mouvement’s execution, however, I’m left completely cold by the dial side. The use of the red for the frequency indicator and the power reserve is a big mismatch with t... 

Maybe conceptual is the right word. Or too technical?

 By: David_S : February 3rd, 2019-10:23
In any case, it is indeed a matter of taste. I really hope they come up with variations with different dials. I may be tempted then...

WOW. Thanks for the informative post!

 By: watchb : March 12th, 2019-16:02
I had seen this one featured on the VC home page, I think, but couldn't figure out where it stood in the collection. Of course, I suspected it was out of my price range. Thanks for confirming that. Everything everyone says is spot on: what a great job the... 

So logical

 By: Jurry : March 18th, 2019-09:39
Adding this feature whereby you can select active or standby is so logical that I’m wondering why it was never done before (well as far as I know). The watch itself, hmmm bit too general for my taste but I wouldn’t be surprised if we see this technology a... 

Innovation Is Great And...

 By: elliot55 : April 17th, 2019-19:14
... I fully appreciate what VC is going for here. They have clearly done something maverick, which we rarely see in this industry. I hope that switching back and forth between the balance wheels doesn't end up breaking a two-hundred-thousand-dollar watch....