Question of VC caliber 4400 winding - no feeling of stop or resistance

Sep 18, 2022,16:35 PM


I just bought Vacheron Constantin 1100S Historiques American 1921 (smaller model) with movement 4400. I’m wondering that I can wind the watch endlessly without a feeling of a stop or even resistance. Is it possible the movement lets you rotate the crown endlessly even the winding is full? How many rounds would make the winding full? Or should I just keep on rotating the crown if the winding is not complete?

The watch is keeping time well. I don’t know yet exactly how long it runs with a winding.

Thanks for advise!


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 By: johnhiggins1960 : September 18th, 2022-19:02
What a fantastic time piece, I hope you enjoy wearing this historic watch. The watch has approximately 65hours power reserve. You should feel some resistance once you wind the watch fully, although It is hard to tell. Best wishes ...  

Ok, here goes my reply. I hope I am not comparing apples to oranges

 By: Moka-Tiger (Ron) : September 20th, 2022-02:05
I am lucky to have this VC Historiques in the 40mm size. Mine is from 2018, so not brand new. This is the "apples" part. When I wind it, I definitely feel resistance after some point. I haven't counted the number so far. I wind a few more times and then s... 

Brilliant choice.

 By: InHavenPro : September 18th, 2022-19:44
Can't tell you about the winding since I don't have one yet, but it is an awfully strong contender to become my next watch.... Much enjoyment to you, cheers, Filip

To achieve 65 hour power reserve the movement has an extra large mainspring.

 By: als1678 : September 18th, 2022-22:55
My experience is the same as yours - takes forever to wind ... But eventually you will feel resistance. Honestly, I wish they did something about it. There are ways to increase winding efficiency. But otherwise - gorgeous piece!

Marvel of VC movement. Congrats.

 By: Ping.Timeout : September 19th, 2022-04:15
Although there’s no clicking sound when winding, you will definitely feel resistance when fully wound. It’ll stop at some point. Happy winding as it takes about 40 turns.

Over 200 turns and no stop nor resistance

 By: Maans : September 19th, 2022-14:12
Thanks Ping As a matter of fact I have been able make over 200 turns without a feeling of a stop or any resistance. Maybe my turns in winding are shorter than others’… Do you think I can continue winding or do I break the movement? Only logical explanatio... 

I have the same experience with mine

 By: Pelle_thorstenson : September 19th, 2022-06:35
I had it sent to VC for examination and got it back with a comment that the winding should work like this. I asked my dealer to contact VC for guidance on how many turns they recommended me to turn if the watch had stopped completly. In a mail VC replied ... 

VC customer service via their web site is under any standards

 By: Maans : September 19th, 2022-14:01
I agree, VC customer service sucks! It would make sense that a brand like VC would invest in a proper customer service. I have tried to contact several times VC in Europe via their web site but either they do not respond at all or the answer arrives weeks... 

While on the topic of VC

 By: Pelle_thorstenson : September 20th, 2022-06:10
customer service i have noticed the same poor service from VC Europe. In addition I have also sent messages via there loyalty program The Hour Club with exactly the same result. In my experience most companies that has a loyalty program do their outmost t... 

Du är uppmärksam du!

 By: Pelle_thorstenson : September 19th, 2022-16:40
Jag kommer be min AD läsa denna tråd när fler har svarat på ditt utmärkta inspel. Eftersom både du och jag är irriterade på VC i denna fråga kanske vi skall ta en gemensam aktivitet?

I have it in WG and I do feel resistance after..

 By: christianch : September 19th, 2022-09:17
a lot of winding!! the watch is gorgeous the winding not so much, toward the end it gets very difficult to wind it almost hurting your fingers 😅

Finally a stop encountered!

 By: Maans : September 19th, 2022-15:19
Thanks christianch! Yesterday I wound it as full as I dared (without any clear stop/resistance). Today at the same time I wound it again and for my surprise I felt a stop after 38 proper turns! This was first time! For my surprise I also received a respon... 

glad it helped!! There is indeed a resistance and you feel very hard to wind when you are close to it

 By: christianch : September 19th, 2022-22:10
I assume one could stop before but I want it to be fully wound my fingers are not pleased!

Bergeon no30409 watch winding tool- I find a great help-also

 By: golden hands : September 20th, 2022-10:46
they come in four sizes