Over The Sea With My Overseas

Nov 18, 2019,08:42 AM

Couldn't resist taking a wrist shot "over the sea with my Overseas" ;-)  Any other OS on water photos out there?

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Close enough? [nt]

 By: Catulle : November 18th, 2019-10:50
No message body ...  

Aw you Rolex guys

 By: Tick Talk : November 18th, 2019-11:53

Great pic!

 By: destrodan : November 18th, 2019-11:38
Love that original overseas reference! Kind regards, Dan

OS on water - check !

 By: sebks : November 18th, 2019-11:43

That's the spirit!

 By: Tick Talk : November 18th, 2019-11:53
Don't get those shoes wet :-0

My pleasure, Sir.

 By: mrds : November 21st, 2019-08:53
Shot earlier today over Belgium. A sea of clouds is the only water I got on my flight. Cheers, Daniel ...  


 By: Tick Talk : November 21st, 2019-09:40

Flight mode

 By: TomKxx : November 26th, 2019-20:16
V ...  

Nice shot! [nt]

 By: amanico : November 26th, 2019-22:53