My new overseas strap

Jun 23, 2015,18:16 PM

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That looks fantastic

 By: respo : June 23rd, 2015-19:03
As much as I love the Overseas bracelet, I have to admit the Overseas look great on the straps. Nice job! respo

Thanks Respo

 By: dsg1964 : June 24th, 2015-08:14
Always enjoy your posts! I also love the bracelet for the overseas. It is also the most comfortable bracelet I have worn. I am thinking about also getting the rubber strap. Best wishes

Thank you for posting this - it looks great

 By: jtodd : June 24th, 2015-06:31
I have the Dual Time on the bracelet with this color style on the dial. I have long wondered what it would look like with a black strap (either croc or rubber). You have answered that question for me - it looks really great. One question, did you need to ... 

Croc Strap for Overseas

 By: dsg1964 : June 24th, 2015-08:11
I purchased both the strap and deployment buckle. The rubber strap is another excellent option. Like you, I have not seen many photos with a croc strap. It changes the entire look of the watch to the extent that many people have asked if I just purchased ... 

Looking very classy. Very good choice.

 By: Bill : June 25th, 2015-09:26
Now you have a business look and the steel bracelet for the sporty look. Bill

I like that look......

 By: WHL : June 25th, 2015-19:38
I've even seen someone put a blue alligator strap on the Overseas with the white dial to good effect, making it more casual in feel than the black you went with. Enjoy! Bill

Blue Gator Strap

 By: dsg1964 : June 26th, 2015-09:23
Thanks Bill. If possible can you please share this pic? Would love to see how that the blue croc strap looks with the white dial! Thanks

Very nice

 By: jim_94104 : July 16th, 2015-14:26
May I ask if you are happy with the watch in terms of make quality?! Thanks.

I must confess...

 By: Mike H : August 4th, 2015-07:40
I like the Overseas a lot in this configuration: chrono movement, white dial, and nice strap. That makes your combo the most attractive to my eyes IMHO. Big congrats ;-) Mike

Your post inspired me

 By: jtodd : August 4th, 2015-11:47
I went more casual (and have a dual-time, rather than a chronograph). Based on seeing how great yours looked, I finally pulled the trigger on this. Silver-dial, dual time - black leather strap. ...  

Your inspiration has inspired me!

 By: dsg1964 : August 13th, 2015-09:44
What a fantastic look! Love it. I am now headed to the VC dealer to pick up a rubber strap! All the best David

2nd Vacheron

 By: dsg1964 : August 28th, 2016-16:07
Like many in this group, my first venture into the world of Vacheron was a beautiful white dial overseas chronograph 3 years ago and I am now considering a new addition. Just curious from those that have had the opportunity to purchase a second vacheron w... 

Looks absolutely great!

 By: nitediver : September 21st, 2015-05:50
I love the combination of white dial, steel case and black croco strap. Great look indeed. Best stefan