Minimal adjustment

Oct 22, 2023,09:00 AM

There are 2 positions on the bracelet but otherwise it’s fixed. Thanks for looking!

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70’s VC Reference 2097

 By: BDW : October 21st, 2023-17:04
I’ve been considering a vintage dress piece for some time. I love my modern Overseas, but have a bit of nostalgia for the 70s. Recently came across this piece in white gold. Trying to obtain some additional information on the reference. Purchase from a re...  

If legit a great VC!

 By: hora12reborn : October 21st, 2023-17:18

Very little latitude for adjustment to your wrist, so be certain you have the right size with some slack

 By: cazalea : October 21st, 2023-18:52
Yes, the bracelet could be laser welded a bit shorter, or an adaptor made for the buckle, but overall you will be committed to that watch. Remember these are elegant dress (not sport) watches - no shock protection to speak of and don't even think of washi...  

These are really elegant pieces.

 By: ArmisT : October 21st, 2023-20:35
But how were they initially sized by the AD when a client would buy? And when you say even washing hands is dangerous, you don’t mean little droplet splashes, do you??

When new they were cut & welded to fit the client’s wrist

 By: cazalea : October 21st, 2023-20:43
Generally speaking, I do mean that many older dress watches have zero waterproofing, so best you take it off before washing hands, dishes, etc. Running to your car in the rain, ok. Sauna, not ok. Hot tub, definitely not. You’d be surprised how many Ladies...  

Minimal adjustment

 By: BDW : October 22nd, 2023-09:00
There are 2 positions on the bracelet but otherwise it’s fixed. Thanks for looking!

 By: BDW : October 22nd, 2023-09:05
Thanks for the feedback! Your comments are appreciated. Have you ever seems a logo misaligned?

Congratulations on acquiring this retro piece. I believe the design is nicknamed “tv screen” due to dial shape.

 By: Ping.Timeout : October 22nd, 2023-01:57
Is that dial onyx? Also if in doubt i would recommend sending to VC for inspection / diagnostic.


 By: BDW : October 22nd, 2023-08:58
Yes it is Onyx. There are some out there with Lapis. Thanks for the feedback!

Great ! 👏

 By: Ping.Timeout : October 23rd, 2023-08:06

It may be as simple as

 By: Tick Talk : October 22nd, 2023-15:52
the dial being misaligned in the case. In my catalogs, that style of case first appears in 1976 with automatic movement. Yours has calibre 1014?

Ref 2097

 By: BDW : October 22nd, 2023-18:06
I am told this is VC ref 2097P and it is manual winding. I have a great VC book but it isn’t in the book. I don’t have any historical catalogs or other references. Thank you so much for the feedback.

No doubts about your reference number

 By: Tick Talk : October 22nd, 2023-19:11
The auto has a different ref number. The manual has 9-ligne cal 1014, based on JLC 818 ebauche. Variations included 17, 18 and 21 jewels. Please share pictures when you have the back removed.

will do

 By: BDW : October 26th, 2023-17:38
I will post pictures asap

Case back removed

 By: BDW : November 7th, 2023-12:24


 By: vicunaman1 : October 26th, 2023-14:36

thank you!

 By: BDW : October 26th, 2023-17:39