Auction Alert - Cortrie Special Auctions - 14th of September 2019

Sep 14, 2019,00:33 AM

A very interesting find: Pretty consitend, crown serviced, natural wabi silvered dial, 18K Breguet numeral index, (entry) vintage collectors stuff, quite significant ref., seem to be a Verger case
- low limit -

Compare to the sample V&C ref (Antiquorum Auction 79 - all items with certificate):

Cortie Watches - Vacheron & Constantin ~1929

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If treated the right way - could unfold the real stunner

 By: anon438 : September 14th, 2019-06:49
Very elegant dress watch - slim and long - the forerunner of the most famous curved ones. Top style at that time and still wearable as a dress watch.

Sold for 1100 € !!!!!

 By: anon438 : September 16th, 2019-06:01
It's unbelievable!

No, I did not bid on it.

 By: anon438 : September 16th, 2019-11:06
A Vacheron & Constantin for the price of a Seiko and no interest, it's in deed unbelievable! That's it.

Too good

 By: Jurry : October 6th, 2019-07:13
If an offer or a deal seems too good to be true, then it probably is too good to be true and thus is fault. As simple as that and it applies to virtually all markets especially when online auctions create a more transparent market place

No, I don't think so it's more complicated

 By: anon438 : October 6th, 2019-07:21
Your comment is right in general, but did not apply to this case. Because it's a (very small) niche marked. But there is no marked maker. If you start with an auction under this conditions you won't get a realistic price, you might get it more realistic i... 

Your absolutely correct

 By: Jurry : October 6th, 2019-08:45
My statement only applies if a certain market volume is present. If volume is too small to function as a market (ie very low volumes or unique pieces or assets that are virtually illiquid) then normal “market laws and forces) don’t apply. Value than trans... 

Sometimes it hurts to look at it...

 By: anon438 : October 7th, 2019-04:25
I wonder, there is the latent request to get the V&C's as cheap as possible. On the other hand the aficionados are often not able to to distinguish relevant of irrelevant.

hi,timeset This is a valuable topic.

 By: xiaoxiao : September 16th, 2019-17:29
First, it's not a VF case, so the price is much lower. Secondly, 1920s-1930s antique watches are not a hot spot .especially in China. Two weeks ago, I discussed a similar topic with a chinese Chinese antique VC enthusiasts limit the investment time to 19... 

Re: This is a valuable topic.

 By: anon438 : September 16th, 2019-21:04
Maybe you are right because of the VF case that could be clarified, VF very well produced cases like this. That could explain the difference between 6k to 12k but only if there would be the magnificant VF style also. But anyway it is definitely an authent...