Speaking of Freak gang, how many PuristS own multiple Freaks? (mt)

Sep 01, 2019,12:19 PM


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I will be happy to close 2019 now....:)

 By: S F : September 1st, 2019-01:09
Went to the shop wanting to check out the Freak X but went home with this πŸ‘‡πŸ» instead..... I was ready to add the X to my collection but the decision process was incomplete without a full due diligence. So here comes the Freak Out...putting the 2 side by s...  

Ah UN..

 By: Echi : September 1st, 2019-01:57
Apart from JLC, probably the one other brand that I'd safely consider as a manufacture's manufacture The Freak, The Sonata, Enamel, Hourstrikers, GMTs.. etc wow the list is long! The few "blacked out" pieces that I like and this original Freak wow.

:-) (nt)

 By: Echi : September 1st, 2019-05:12

Thks Nicolas!!....The original in white gold, blue dial, bottle cap bezel is pure stunning.

 By: S F : September 1st, 2019-02:43
Not many excites me more than a GMTM😁..and the UN Freak is one of them. Cheers! SF

In total agreement. ;) [nt]

 By: amanico : September 1st, 2019-03:36

You are welcome. (nt)

 By: Ronald Held : September 3rd, 2019-13:04

Huge congratulations!

 By: chikai168 : September 1st, 2019-02:12
That is indeed enough to bring 2019 to a close! Wear in good health. BW, Chi Kai

Huge congrats!

 By: keks : September 1st, 2019-02:28
I have handled both and while the X is cool it comes nowhere near this one! Enjoy!

Great choice, congratulations...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : September 1st, 2019-03:14
I think you made a great choice, a truly original design. Enjoy !

Much thks Cpt. [nt]

 By: S F : September 1st, 2019-05:40

My pleasure πŸ₯‚ [nt]

 By: Cpt Scarlet : September 1st, 2019-06:33

Gotta love the Freaks and wish i had such a flexible watch budget

 By: Tegis : September 1st, 2019-03:55
Going in for a Freak X that is a decent chunk of change for most people and then yea why not 2-5x(i dont really know) that when going out from the store with your new beauty.

Well done!

 By: M4 : September 1st, 2019-07:05
My favorite Freak! It looks great. M4


 By: MichaelC : September 1st, 2019-08:42
I have the same piece and it is the summit of my small collection. ...  


 By: russell996 : September 1st, 2019-11:19

Thks Russell! [nt]

 By: S F : September 2nd, 2019-08:51

Congrats and welcome to this β€˜β€™small family’’

 By: time _ zone : September 1st, 2019-22:04
Enjoy with good health πŸ‘πŸ»