One more shot...

Nov 19, 2022,13:42 PM

before it goes back to strap ETA end Dec, so it be back in action in 2023 smile

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You gave it a good run lately!!

 By: MichaelC : November 19th, 2022-15:22
Which new strap are you in for? I have 3 for mine. I wanted a canvas olive drab with black or white stitching but was unable to have UN make it for me. They had a different green color available, but I did not like it. This goes back a few years and I fin... 

Hi Michael, I am getting a custom gator strap. The inserts at the strap ends of the original have to be donated to the new strap.

 By: S F : November 19th, 2022-16:23
Was checking with the AD and they told me UN only has the original fabric type strap which is too filmsy esp after extended wearing and those made for Freak wont fit the FO.

The carbon fiber / kevlar one is extremely resiliant

 By: MichaelC : November 21st, 2022-00:08
I have worn it on this strap most and it still looks new. The sail cloth straps are not as durable IMO. ...  

Totally agree!😁

 By: S F : November 19th, 2022-17:14

Great shot!

 By: lm6 : November 19th, 2022-17:44

Does any PuristS have..

 By: Ronald Held : November 20th, 2022-18:18
A complete collection of Freaks?