New "dress" for an old friend

Dec 30, 2018,12:44 PM

NOS Omega shark mesh smile, with minor modification.

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I like it a lot

 By: Poky : December 30th, 2018-13:00
That looks really good to me. Did you have to weld/cut or is it a clean adjustment?

No weld/cut

 By: Denes Papp : December 31st, 2018-02:22
Just had to shave off a little from the middle links to fit the curvature of the case

To me it looks great

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : December 30th, 2018-13:28
Well done. Cheers D

Nice one πŸ‘

 By: cazalea : December 30th, 2018-16:15
Hello! from #350 & 495 Boring old factory bracelets on ours though! Cheers, Cazalea ...  

No I was just being flippant

 By: cazalea : December 30th, 2018-19:38
Hi Mitch, I actually like the factory bracelet - and I want to try the strap too but taking off those end links doesn’t look like much fun. Maybe tomorrow (definitely before partying) 🎊 πŸŽ‰ Mike I have one of those Omega mesh jobs too, maybe I should try it...